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SharePoint Hosting for Beginners

You can always enjoy SharePoint hosting on the internet by creating your own webpage that could accommodate other users to interact and collaborate. These webpage that you create must have various perks for other users to use as a SharePoint hosting site. It could be searched around the internet and can be administrated by you since a SharePoint hosting site is a form of managed server.

Sites are kinds of SharePoint systems that let us users collaborate and communicate. In short almost everywhere we go on the internet is managed servers that are SharePoint hosting sites. These sites offer various options for users to do on the internet. As its name implies is a point where one can share or collaborate with the rest of the world. These may either be communities or administrations of managed servers. Search and contents are also part of SharePoint platform so to say SharePoint offers a large amount of space in the internet where every user can access.

The entire system is composed of WSS or the Windows SharePoint as well as the SharePoint portal. The SharePoint services can handle individuals, large corporations, small businesses and teams are using windows SharePoint services while medium and large companies are using SharePoint server.

Beginners should first think of the kind of SharePoint hosting they would like to create, then when they have decided on what kind of hosting they want, then one can finally proceed to creating the page as they intend it to be. It may be informative to offer a variety of information or specific type of service. A managed server with features that present information would be a kind of SharePoint that would attract users that are interested with the information you have to offer. If your information is not up to date, your managed server would not be of much use. Always be updated if you are in managed servers that offer information.

A beginner in SharePoint hosting or managed server should also bear in mind that creating web hosting one should be adept in web codes and computer literate in making web pages and search engines. If you do not have these skills avail time to learn them to make your SharePoint hosting a more intriguing and user friendly to attract more traffic towards your site.

When setting up a SharePoint, ensure that you conduct a good research to find the most attractive and good models and platforms. This will reduce chance of having something that will cause embarrassment. Information can be found on the web and even friends and family members can be consulted. Therefore, set up a system that will be cost effective and will attract clients.

About Kevin : Kevin Abrahams is professional writer and server admin. Specializing in dedicated servers , Kevin writes from his experience owning and operating websites.

DotDefender – a Web Application Firewall

If you want to know more about web application firewall, then you need to read this article in full in order to fully understand the value of this WAF for you. If you manage servers, then it is important for a user like you to opt for WAF technology to increase the protection and security of your managed servers. WAF is also known as web application firewall and this works as a server application that can monitor http/https data packets. It uses a set of criteria in order to spread the security policies that you have configured within your managed servers. By using this technology, you can now block all unusual application traffic, prevent hacking attack of your system, and eliminate the risk of exploitation within your managed servers.

If you want to have a safe and secured online business platform, a web application firewall would be the best choice for you to place on your managed servers. There are a lot of choices to choose from if you are looking for a web application firewall. The internet can help you find the firewall that could suit your need. There are differing kinds of firewalls so be advised that you should pick the one that could be trusted to protect your primary business core.

Although web application firewall is very useful tool in increasing the security of your website and managed servers, this technology is something that will require you to test and configure right before its implementation. Right after the implementation, you also need to regularly fine tune the system to make sure that it is working accordingly. Another warning is that you need to remember that Web Application Firewall is an incomplete suite of security tool and therefore you need to use this technology together with other tools and as a part of a much wider security policy.

There is an increase interest in term of the use of Web Application Firewalls and this is because of these two reasons. The first one is the proliferation of different malicious attacks on your websites. The second one is it is being recommended as the “best tool” for securing websites by the global security organizations. As you manage servers, it is important to make sure that it is protected with the right security tool and web application firewalls might be the right one for you, but this might not be the best tool for 100% secured managed servers.

If you are hosting an online business may it be small or large, always have in mind that a business that could be infiltrated by viruses is endangered to suffer loss and even be crippled permanently. So be protected and inquire from dot defender sites for a safe and secured web application and updates. Risk of being unprotected could lead to high percentages of losing a managed server so always stay protected whenever possible and avail web application firewalls to stop infiltrations. When starting an online business or hosting a SharePoint system for other online users, always have a firewall installed for the protection of your managed server because without it, all your efforts will be wasted as the site is prone to online viruses that are carried over by other users.

About Kevin : Kevin Abrahams is professional blogger in the hosting industry. Specializing in dedicated servers , Kevin writes from his experience owning and operating websites.

Managed Security – Hardware Firewalls

We are now in the world of computers. We do most of our activities using them and in fact they are already one of our basic necessities nowadays. People all over the world cannot perform their jobs without them. Computers have been our partners in our daily tasks and it is where most of our important files are kept because it can keep a large amount of data which can be very impossible for us to manually keep.

However, online operation can be risky. You may not be connected to the internet all the time but your network may face serious risk as anyone may still get access to it. Strong perimeter security is the first and foremost line of defense for any solution and a firewall will help you protect from these threats. Furthermore, it is better to have a managed service than look after matters yourself.

It is important for online companies to have a well managed server because it is where these companies get their primary source of income. It can also be an added expense to these companies if their system would constantly get repairs.

Furthermore, there are two types of firewalls, the software firewall and the hardware firewall. Usually, a software firewalls inspects network traffic from a Local Area Network/Internet. This software can be created to an Operating System such as the Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, Apple OS X or the Symantec. Actually, several software firewalls are free to be installed. It also allows an inbound and outbound traffic that usually allows controlling your computer.

Hardware firewall stops these people from possible intrusion to gain access to your important files. Firewalls also block unwanted traffic from reaching your server which can prevent the spread of viruses. On the other hand, proxy responds to these packets making it very difficult to tamper any information in an internal system. This makes sure that no other third people can exploit your machine. The true address of your server is concealed by the network address translation.

Firewall installation not only gives you a well managed server. You will also see dramatic increase in your return on investment because the effective security solution reduces threats and decreases downtime in your business. It also reduces costs because there is no need to train or employ skilled security specialists or incur expensive operational costs. Your IT professionals can also focus on other core activities thus resources are well managed.

One of the benefits of hardware firewall installation is that you have a managed server without being bothered by too much wall configurations because most firewalls are individual hardware components that protect your server even without interruption. You can be assured that even without deep knowledge in computers and in maintaining servers, your server is in optimal protection.

However, most people have thought of anti-virus software also provides protection against all hackers or intruders, but they are wronged the only purpose of an anti-virus software usually to protect your computer only against any viruses, it has nothing to do with securing all your computers against the attack of intruder or hackers, while regular updating is very important.

About Kevin : Kevin Abrahams is professional blogger in the hosting industry. Specializing in dedicated servers , Kevin writes from his experience owning and operating websites.

How to Improve Your Server’s Security

Security is the most important concern of every organization conducting online business. If a web server is compromised then all your data including databases, email accounts and files can be potential targets of hackers. The common threats that can invade a website are hackers, viruses, spyware, adware, malware, Trojan horses and intruders. The following are techniques that can be used to maintain a well managed server and to deal with these threats.

Here usually when you are about to use a shared hosting account, you are being required to share your managed server and even your other resources that is why your computer may be at risk. However, in order to circumvent the hacking or intruder attacks you need to have this type of security measures. Therefore, it can only be prevented by following this various security measures. First, by changing your passwords.

Actually, this is the first most essential type of security measure that a dedicated server to be taken. Importantly, if you really want to ensure that these intruders or hackers and those programs that are very malicious will not attack you, you should take this very essential primary step in order to prevent this to happen, during the configuration of your dedicated server, you should never forget to change your passwords.

Macros should send an email to the system administrator once it detects any changes. Remove unnecessary files such as phf from the scripts directory. Remove the “default” document trees shipped with web servers such as IIS and Exair. Apply all relevant security patches. Perform all updates in your intranet. Maintain your web page original files on a server on your intranet and make any changes and updates here.

In addition, it is more advisable to use SSH instead of FTP. Because in using the FTP, there are possibilities that your private or personal information and as well as you passwords are easily acquired by this hackers or intruders. Usually, in FTP program it is possible that all your private information is being sent through a plain text.

Scan your web server periodically with tools such as ISS to look for vulnerabilities. Install intrusion detection software to monitor the connections to the server.

Also to protect your server’s security, people who have access to the most critical data should be limited. Regardless of the position one employee has, he does not need to have access in everything if it is not related to his job. This limits the exposure of your website when a user messes up some critical data. Access rights may be maintained by isolating critical resources from the rest of the network by using a subnet or by having a secondary server in another location. This can be one of the most effective ways to protect your website against hackers.

Be sure also to protect your equipment from possible theft. You may have applied the necessary patches and applied the latest security measures but if your equipment is not locked away, your efforts may be compromised. Doors to your server room and equipment rack should be kept closed and only limited personnel should have access to it.

Website security is one major concern of any e-commerce business. Site administrator should ensure that only authorized persons can access network resources while keeping hackers at bay. To have a secured and managed server, site administrators must put strong security policy in place, keep all equipment up-to-date and set appropriate access rights. This may not keep hackers away but having strong security measures might be enough to keep threats away from your web servers.

About Kevin : Kevin Abrahams, a writer in the hosting industry, is also a server administrator for DedicatedNOW, a leading managed server provider.

Who Really are the Best Hosting Companies

There is a lot of information that you can find over the internet saying something about the best hosting companies for your website. Because of the saturation of the market by these advertisements, the ultimate beneficiary for continuous competition and innovations are the consumers and prospective clients of these hosting companies. Finding the best is quite hard to say since each person or organizations have varying requirements when it comes to websites.

We can generally categorize website needs into two and those are, for business and personal purposes. When we evaluate on which hosting company will accommodate our website, first we set various criteria in choosing.

Inmotion is one of the best hosting companies that offer varying features for businesses. Each offer, with corresponding charges, is promised to be of the fastest speed and higher probability of being searched over the internet. Generally, they provide a free domain name, choice of data centers and the best technical support that is readily available for customer queries.

We will just limit our comparison with three dominant web hosting companies, Hostgator, InMotion and GreenGeeks. In InMotion, the very first things that they want to blurt out are that they offer free domain or a transfer of existing domain and free private domain registration. People would often find the first feature the most appealing one since they are more particular with the identity rather than being searched only by mistake because of duplication or wrong redirection. A private domain is also nice if the website owner would want to have his own site where he can publish more personalized contents. When it comes to tech support and affordability of prices, InMotion has a spot on the limelight for it definitely serves the purpose for the amount that they charge.

On the other hand, personal websites either dedicated for networking or just posting of thoughts is more focused on text-based contents. There are several hosting companies that offer the blogging feature for those who want to share their write-ups and articles. Also, chat, e-mails and other functionalities essential for instant communication may be desirable.

GreenGeeks is a proud company that invokes their green energy web hosting. Although the idea of being green, meaning using power saver equipment and technology, does not necessarily affect the appearance and expectations of website publishers, their service has been noted for considering not only the profit aspect of doing business but also, providing healthy and nature-considerate methodologies.

Aside from the usual offering of best hosting companies for unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and easy access technical support, Hostgator also presents unlimited and affordable hosting. They have easy to use set of templates which can be filled up immediately with the information and media requirements of your website. It is also acclaimed for the live chat and editing the html codes is easier through the cPanel.

William MacMahon is web hosting analyst for Visit to join him on his search for the top web hosting companies each month.

Do I Need a Managed VPS Account?

Searching online for tips on how to have a managed server, one of the many articles displayed on the web is about the use of Virtual Private Servers. A lot of hard to understand terminologies have surfaced on the web and without knowledge in IT, you may get confused or worse, you may not get what the whole story is all about.

In fact, this managed server offers an equal benefit like dedicated servers that has the ability to maintain and manage the websites and controls a traffic management. The jet speed is the major benefit of virtual private servers wherein you could log on in an individual private server.

Virtualization is a technological term that means a lot of things. Talking about web hosting, virtualization is based on the concept of partitions on a physical server, a method of partitioning an operating system into many smaller isolated operating systems, all running on the same server hardware. Virtualized servers require installation of a separate operating system on each partition of the core hardware which can result demands on the physical server CPU, disk and memory.

Actually, users can impeccably choose on what to upgrade between the two managed server, the virtual private server and the hybrid-dedicated plans. Thus, making them an exceptional selection between less intensive sites but are starting to grow and a seasonal sites but still requires with more or less resources at distinct times of the year. One of the vast benefit of this private server, that it is very convenient to use, that you can really concentrate on your business functions in period of time and all major technical problems are being managed by the experts. In fact, today in the internet world, there has been a numerous link that has an idea with virtual stages. Wherein there available server that can match up the virtual private server in terms of condense expenses.

Usually the features are comparable to the dedicated servers but in very low cost. Virtual private server hosting also permits a system resources, which is precise like as burstable RAM that let you to divide a risky task into a simpler tasks. Actually, this private server awestruck the entire web developers because it is easy to install and very applicable. In addition, this web hosting can either make use of any platforms such as the UNIX or Linux, although in windows platform it rather functions well. In addition, this web hosting also allows to install any source of applications and used together with Microsoft technologies.

When you decide to go for a virtual private server installation, programs that usually come pre-installed and set up are the operating system, anything included with the basic installation of that OS and the web server for that OS. Opting for a panel/Pesky control panel with your VPS will include PHP and My SQL but any non-control panel VPS will not include any extra applications. You may install all of these instead and configure as they need them. They are both available free of charge from their vendors.

Having a VPS installation to maintain a managed server can be risky as many pretenders out in the market claim they offer VPS technology when in fact not all VPS offerings are equal. So when searching for solutions, remember that a hosted VPS should be judged by the comprehensive services you receive. You are not only paying for the network. The hardware, software, maintenance and managed services, support and a good relationship with your vendor all come in the same package.

Sixth, the user is provided with the facilities in recovering data in case of any lost or system failure, which is a system backup. Seventh, it also facilitates on balancing the system to prevent overloading of the device. Finally, this managed virtual private server guarantees of having an efficient functioning or smooth performance and time saving. Therefore, choosing this managed virtual private server really provides great benefits totally apt to those companies that are looking forward for an exposure and expansion of their business and less expense, no need to employ a technical expert because they provide a technical assistance 24/7. This service usually determines that the web sites are updated all the time.

About Kevin : Kevin Abrahams is professional blogger in the hosting industry. Specializing in dedicated servers , Kevin writes from his experience owning and operating websites.

The Argument For Managed Server

Installing a managed server can definitely enhance your business’s online capability and systems efficiency. With a dedicated one, you can be assured that your files and data are stored safely and securely, software applications up-to-date and your company website stable and online, ready to be accessed by potential clients and bring in more sales. It saves you time and trouble of micro-managing your IT components and systems, providing you peace of mind and more time to concentrate on your company’s core services. It proves to be an investment that brings in significant returns, not only profits-wise but also in terms of your company’s market presence and operational efficiencies.

Now, it is most crucial to think about the readiness of your existing business to adapt a managed server. Will your operations really need a dedicated, fully-managed server? Can installing one provide the business substantial gains compared to the costs it will incur? Is the business capable enough to install and maintain it? Or will an unmanaged server be enough to meet its needs?

Unmanaged servers, unlike managed ones, require the least expense for installation and maintenance. It eliminates the cost of a full IT expert team and other expenses that come with a full server package. However, by losing the expertise provided by server companies, the business risks the security, reliability and efficiency of the system. Work to be done is tedious and requires high levels of technical skills.

Keep your data and confidential safe and secure : While the Internet brought about a means to a faster and more efficient access to information, communications and market reach, it also provided a way for unscrupulous online thieves and hackers who can (and will) wreck havoc on your systems if your security measures are not up to par. It provides you the best security systems available and keeps your countermeasures (anti-virus applications, firewalls, malware blockers, etc.) up-to-date and readily available to prevent intrusions and give you the peace of mind that your company secrets are kept that way.

Ensures that all software, including operating systems, applications and security systems are updated. Installs needed software and sets up configurations. Keeps databases up-to-date and monitored for errors. Puts in place security measures such as firewalls and anti-virus programs and keeps them updated.

Readily available technical support and assistance : Running a business can already be a handful. In today’s rapid business environment, one does not need the trouble of going through the technical nitty-gritty of a complicated IT system once something breaks down. Managed servers provide quick and expert technical support to immediately remedy such problems, relieving you of wasted time and effort and to bring your business back on track to maximize gains and eliminate losses.

Given the benefits of a worry-free IT system to the operations of today’s modern businesses, a server which is managed, maintained and monitored by credible providers is a worthy investment to ensure that all data and information are secured, the least time is consumed in retrieving files, less space required for storage and archiving and higher internet traffic, which will translate to efficiency in operations, wider market reach, customer satisfaction, higher sales and profits.

About Kevin : Kevin Abrahams, a writer in the hosting industry, is also a server administrator for DedicatedNOW, a leading managed server provider.

Where Should I Host My Blog?

There are people who are really fond of writing. Some of them, they want to share their writings to the public through the internet. This way, that person can show other people her talent and see their ideas when it comes to different topics. These people write in their blogs.

There are different web hosting sites that focuses on different things. Finding a web host that focuses on your topic would be better so that people who are interested in that topic could read your writings or see your works. Those sites should be the place where you would host your own site. That would be the perfect site for your blog because you have the same topic and you have the same genre. More people would be able to see and read your blog.

Once you’ve decided to start and create a blog, there first thing you need to do is find a blog host. This host would enable you to make a blog and publish it on the internet. If you don’t want people to see it, you can make it a private blog. A public blog is an option so that people can see your posts and comment on them. These web hosts will give you services that would make your blogging experience fun and enjoyable because blogs are supposed to be fun when you login and post your stuff.

These are the different types of blogs:

* Personal blogs – most common type of blog; diary or journal like; it talks about the bloggers life and views; doesn’t matter if it is read by other people

* Corporate/Organizational blogs – for business purposes; could be used for advertising and marketing different companies or products

* Genres – these blogs could be about anything from the different types of music, food, electronics or fashion

* Price – Is it worth paying for? There are blogs that require you to pay specific amount of money.

* Device – these blogs could be written by using a mobile, computer or by using texts; there are different gadgets that could be used to write or make these blog.

Looking for a place to host your own blog is important because you want people to see your work. You want to be able to show the people the different works that you’ve done. If you do not find the right web hosting site for your blog, then it wouldn’t be as successful as you would like it to be. Blogs are hard work for the writers and they do not want it to go to waste so they need a good site to host their blog. If they want to host their own blog, finding the right web host is also important.

About the Author : Matt Ewing is a professional web hosting admin and writer. Visit to read his reviews on the best hosting companies each month.

What is Managed Colocation Hosting?

Many companies are now using managed servers to create better organization and system for their data. While some companies are satisfied with placing their data on only one location, some want to better manage their data by placing them on various locations. Because of this, the role of managed colocation hosting came to place. Many service providers came up with this kind of hosting in order to serve those companies who need management of multiple data location.

Managed colocation hosting does the same function like managed servers but in this case, clients’ data can now be managed in different locations. One great benefit when trying to use a managed colocation hosting is that you can save money. This is because you only need one service provider in order to manage many locations of your data.

Another benefit is that you won’t lose your data because they are not placed in only one location. This is one huge advantage because losing all of your data is one of the worst situations that your company may face.

Many companies do offer managed colocation hosting for organizations, which desire to have managed servers on different locations. They are readily available for contact on the internet and they do place their rates and the features of the services they offer as well. As a client, you must try to choose the best company that will best fit your needs. You must also take note the kind of services they do offer.

Reliability is one of the most important considerations when trying to choose one. The company you are looking at must have a good overall facility, such as proper ventilation. It is also very important that the company you will choose has protection over your data, especially when accidental fire occurs. In this case, you are ensured that your organization is secured even if your data are placed on different locations.

About Kevin : Kevin Abrahams, a writer in the hosting industry, is also a server administrator for DedicatedNOW, a leading managed server provider.

The Top US Hosting Companies

Are you planning on starting an online business? Maybe you want a blog or a personal website to share your thoughts and feed the minds of others. Most probably you are thinking of availing the service of one of the top hosting companies. But their robust price tags drive you away from them and force you to resort to cheap-priced ones. Before you commit a mistake, there are more than these service fees that you need to understand to assure that your website gets the much needed online presence it needs.

Cheap web hosting companies lurk in diversity in the cyberspace. They claim that they parallel or even surpass the services offered by the best web hosting companies. They capitalize on the predicament that their only difference is the service fee. This argument sounds very persuading. You get to avail of the great services offered by the best web hosting companies for a price that is almost two parts or three parts less. Every website owner will practically fall into this premise.

Dynamic Marketing Efforts : The best web hosting companies do not stop their services when they have provided server support and necessary bandwidth allocation to their clients. They assure that the websites of their clients which they host will get the necessary hits by providing different marketing tools. Premier web hosting companies assure that their clients’ websites get noticed with promotional newsletters and banner links.

Packaged Prices : To most web hosting companies, their service fees correspond to the number of services they provide to their clients. But the best web hosting companies look at this in a different light. They want even the smallest web entrepreneurs to avail of their services without slicing too much of their business capitals. Thus comes the offering of packaged web hosting plans. Through packages and plans, website owners have the freedom to choose the services they want for prices that are within their business budget. With this, small and large businesses alike have equal opportunities for web dominance.

The best web hosting companies have reliable customer and technical services and support. They extend all the help they can in a variety of platforms. The cheap web hosting companies claim to have the same reliability. Yet, what you will commonly get is a busy tone, or an answering machine informing you that the number you dialed is not yet available. Some will be ringing but sure you are lucky if you have someone to pick it up.

Running your website doesn’t need to be compromised with some few dollar difference. Going for the cheap web hosting companies may save you money initially, but may cost you more due to frequent fixes and maintenance. Thus, it is recommended to have the top hosting companies at the helm of your website operations.

The inclusion of diverse software installation, marketing tools, and web hosting packages make these top hosting companies stand out among their competitors. By looking for these factors, be blessed with top-caliber web hosting services that give you cutting-edge benefits while greatly equalizing to their price tags.

William MacMahon is web hosting analyst for Visit to join him on his search for the top web hosting companies each month.