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All You Wished To Know About HostGator Web Hosting Services

In terms of web hosting leaders, Hostgator is clearly a top tier option. The success HostGator has achieved has been unprecedented. They are one of several world’s 10 largest hosting services. According to their site, they host around 2,500,000 domains. They have also been ranked number 21 on the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in America. From the years 2005 to 2008, HostGator achieved a 900% increase in revenue. So that you can tell HostGator has been very successful. We freely admit here at Web Host Mentor, that HostGator ranks as a top favorite within our group. Now HostGator didn’t pay us to say that. Its just the way it has fallen out. More of us consistently use this platform because it just conforms with what we like.

Now lets find out why


So that you can earn the trust of customers it is vital that you establish reliable hosting services, otherwise your company will tumble. Similar to the other hosting services we recommend, HostGator has a advanced data center with backup power generators and all the techno goodies to make her hum. They boast a 99.9% uptime record. HostGator also went a step further and introduced a Gigabit Uplink with a Guaranteed 20mbit connection. This assures that there will be no failures in any network. HostGator has also implemented several layers of network security ensuring the safety of all your information. We could continue about their technology, but its fair to say that all of the five hosting services that met our standards, excel in this area. Along with outstanding customer support, the reliability of the technology is a green fee to even being considered for this review.


In in our book, in terms of web hosting, price is a big deal. It is one of the key differentiators. Customers need to know their hosting platform is reliable and has plenty of features and excellent customer support, but they shouldn’t pay an arm and a leg. In our opinion, to achieve success in this highly competitive field, you best offer to your customers an attractive value proposition. Unfortunately, that isn’t forever the situation. A number of the hosting companies struggle with successfully juggling reliability, services/tools, customer relations, and price. However, HostGator is probably the closest thing you will find to pulling the rabbit out of the hat. For just $4.95 a month they offer a long list of features, tools, and services. Each hosting account consists of well over 4,500 website templates. HostGator is also well known for the amazing unlimited diskspace and bandwidth they provide. They offer a very flexible and user friendly control panel, unlimited sub domains, FTP accounts, and email accounts and just a laundry list of other features. Go have a look for yourself. As well as the $50 free in Goggle AdWords credit. Let me be careful here so as not to let bias creep into my review. These guys offer a very robust value proposition when comparing everything that is important to the webmaster. Option conservative way of describing it.

Control Panel

HostGator uses an exceptionally easy to navigate cPanel. The HostGator cPanel is probably the most user friendly full featured control panels. The fantastico feature has become everyone’s favorite feature. It allows webmasters to install content management systems like WordPress and drupal, not to mention all the forums, blogs and portals that you can enable. Just click on their link below and you may actually demo their cPanel in order to get “feel” for how it operates. Or try their free SiteBuilder Tool as they have a demo for that as well.

Customer Service

One reason HostGator has been so successful is the fact they offer quality customer service. I know, it sounds like a broken record, but it is what it is. All five of our recommended web hosts excel in this area and they better as we consider this one of the review differentiators. HostGator offers award winning support 24/7/365. They offer a 45 day guarantee. The gator crew is available via email, phone or live chat. They are going to solve any problem that might inconvenience you. Since a some of our webmasters have an extensive body of experience with HostGator, we can speak to how good the customer service has been when we needed to reach out. They don’t disappoint. HostGator’s aim it to solve any web hosting problem you have and offer advice that will save you lots of time and money. They also offer over 500 Video Tutorials and 680 Help Articles. Yes, they have their act together.


1. Unlimited disk space 2. Unlimited bandwidth 3. Unlimited domains 4. Instant backups 5. 99.9 uptime guarantee 6. WordPress friendly 7. 45 day guarantee 8. Free setup 9. 24/7 support 10. $50 free Google AdWords 11. Site builder


HostGator has proven it is among the leaders in the web hosting industry. They have the goods to support it too and at the right price. They offer services to beginners and professionals alike. With the unlimited disk space and bandwidth the possibilities of how many websites you will get are endless. HostGator offers top grade customer service and reliability. It is no mistake that HostGator is one of the fastest growing companies in America. Word of mouth marketing is getting around and people are responding in a positive way. Like I said earlier, many of us here have already made the jump into the gator bandwagon. In order to find out more about their hosting plan, simply click on the link below.

Hostgator is the finest web hosting service in the world as you have seen from this hostgator review. Which means you should not waste your time and energy while researching for some other internet hosting company. Use hostgator coupon to obtain price reduction on your order.

Reseller Hosting Business – Have A Better Future For Your Loved Ones

A reseller hosting business can offer you the limitless regular monthly income and time freedom to take pleasure from the finer things in life, your household.

The everyday hustles of trying to provide a living for our families cause us to pass up life precious occasions. Fathers many times work extended hours, only to get home when everyone has fallen to sleep. Career women find it hard to balance cooking home cooked meals everyday and still put food up for grabs. The cycle never ends.

Starting a reseller hosting business can end these hustles and provide you the family time you have never had.

Reseller Hosting vs. Affiliate Marketing

Let’s explain what they are.

Affiliate marketing, you the affiliate connects the customer to the product utilizing your marketing or advertising initiatives and makes a commission. Many Fortune 500 companies shell out millions in revenue annually for their affiliates. It cuts their advertising costs down tremendously because they have 1000s of affiliates marketing their products.

Reseller Hosting stands on the same concepts but with web hosting. Companies offer reseller’s diskspace and bandwidth for a per month fee that go about marketing and advertising reselling hosting don’t utilize. Web hosting has got the strongest market online as it is because every website needs a website hosting service.

Pros & Cons of Both

They can both be very guaranteeing and have back that family time your career or dead-end (quite often two) has stole from you. Both involve certain capability to be successful. But could be attained with determination and persistance.

The main trouble with affiliate marketing is choosing what product to sell. That’s where lots of affiliates commit costly blunders. They overestimate or ignore the value recognized by the customers about the products capability to solve their needs.

Customers only buy if the products meet their needs.

The trivial challenge with establishing a reseller hosting business is deciding on what web host best meet your requirements. A dependable web hostis easily the most popular product on the net. There’s no questing its value everyone on the web knows its value.

But a majority of internet marketers neglect this priceless service which they are no stranger to. Most probably, they have a hosting account.

Why Starting a Reseller Hosting Business is the Better Choice?

Starting a reseller hosting business is the better option since it takes the guesswork out if people need my product or not. The market isn’t going anywhere as the Internet isn’t going anywhere in the near future. Matter of fact it’s out pacing the United States deficit.

Using the additional skills learnt from creating your successful reseller hosting business you can turn right around and take advantage of affiliate marketing. By focusing on different niches for their hosting needs, for example, bloggers, affiliates, gamers, video hosting, social networks, online marketers, real estate professionals, network marketers.

I can so on… You it name the chances are limitless!

For anybody who is prepared to start up your reseller hosting business for a healthier future for your family members then be sure you look at the cheap reseller packages by AllReseller.com

Added Benefits Of Reseller Windows Hosting For Site Designers

When you plan to begin your personal web designing or supervision business try and go for reseller windows hosting. This is viewed as much better than shared hosting plans. Before you decide on a reseller windows hosting plan , cautiously weigh all options. Reseller Windows hosting plan is generally flexible which is why people normally go for this plan. It isn’t simply because of flexibleness but also due to a host of other features which has made reseller windows hosting popular among netizens.

So whilst you select a reseller windows hosting, make certain you get all the advantages as this hosting plan is really regarded as affordable. Reseller Windows will work for Windows-based technology and so they will really work wonders on this hosting plan. Be it the ASP, ASP.Net or Visual Basics, reseller windows hosting will work for any high-tech web applications and you will save great deal of time and money. Nowadays websites are created with the .NET technology, more preferably the ASP, and then for that the Windows server is the best. Reseller Windows hosting plans also assists you to to talk about documents over the intranet through Microsoft Share Point tools.

Should you be considering to make the website with some common web designing software such as Front Page, you may be sure that your windows hosting platform may also support it. All extensions work with the windows plan something that you’ll not get in other shared hosting plans and never even in Linux reseller hosting platform. Windows reseller plan is best suited for anyone, that are likely to run their own company and have to manage a huge database. But for small users, it is the Linux reseller hosting which is usually considered most suited.

For data management, windows hosting is really a proven performer. The windows server will let you to incorporate data easily from the database with the help of Access database. There are other database options such as the MSQL, however the Access runs well on the windows base and makes integration very easy.

Even so, windows hosting will dig a huge hole in your pocket. In fact windows is costlier than other shared hosting plans because you spend for the Microsoft licenses. But the hosting service you will get in reseller windows hosting will still be the ideal.

An additional unique thing about windows hosting plan is that, you don’t need to create different accounts to maintain the database of your clients. There are different control panels available and they help you to keep a track of the clients and it will enable you to save a lot of money and time.

If you would like buy reseller windows hosting then do look through AllReseller.com cheap reseller hosting offers.They are having the ideal reseller hosting offers on the market.

What You Must Know About Cheapest Web Hosting

To a newcomer, getting your presence out on the internet can be daunting. There are plenty of questions and so many options to consider-many of them costly.Can you get the service and functionality you need without breaking the bank? Cheapest web hosting has become a fairly reliable way to minimize expenses while getting your content out there for the world to see.

If you are looking at getting your company’s face on the internet for all your customers and potential customers to see, you’re going to need a web site. Trying to do this without a web host means creating your own server, which is expensive and time consuming. What’s promising is that you could still have a presence on the internet and never have to go the costly route of maintaining your own web server (and maintaining the proper experts to maintain your own web server!). All you need is a web host, and nowadays you’ll find plenty of cheapest web hosting options.

You should be able to find cheapest web hosting for around $10 a month, or less. However, cheap does not mean free. There are plenty of places around the Internet that will host your site for free, but what it doesn’t cost you in cash it will cost you in unwanted ads and site downtime, and lack of service, bandwidth, and disk space. Even for a small fee of just $10, many cheapest web hosting services will offer site templates, hit statistics and referrer logs, email, customer service, and technical support-things you and your business can’t afford to lose out on!

One of the primary factors in choosing your web hosting service is reliability. Your website’s uptime (the percentage of time your website is live and viewable from the web) should not be a less than 99.9%. Any less and you risk losing out on visibility, and that means losing out on customers. You should also ensure that the hosting service you use has decent support. This is especially important if you have a non-expert managing your website. Look around at some web hosting forums and see what other professionals have to say about the cheapest web hosting services you would like. They will help you to know which services are legitimate and run well, and which are a waste of your time and money.

When you decide to choose a less expensive web hosting service, you need to know that you may have some limitations. You won’t have quite the same space as more expensive sites, usually up to five pages. However, if the thing you need from your site is to give customers and potential customers some basic information about your business-how to contact you, service and pricing information-then a cheapest web hosting service is all you really need. More important than how many pages or images your site can support is bandwidth, which affects loading speed. You don’t want your customers to be turned off by a slow-loading website, and you don’t want your site to be inaccessible because you have exceeded your bandwidth. Luckily, many of even the cheapest web hosting services offer unlimited bandwidth.

Finding a cheapest web hosting service in this day and age is fairly easy. If you understand what your site needs in order to function properly, and make sure the hosting service you choose is reliable, then your business can have a presence on the internet without putting you in the red.

On the web, you will find various low cost web hosting declaring to be cheapest hosting but no one is as reputable as AllReseller.com

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How To Get The Cheapest Web Hosting For Internet Marketing Websites

In the world of Online marketing, you will find literally a huge number of website hosting companies to choose from. Each hosting package gives something little different compared to other. Depending on your preferences, locating the ideal web hosting offer for you can be hard sometimes. Below are strategies for simply finding the cheapest web hosting and still preserving an excellent level of quality.

1. Determine how much website hosting you will require – Do you need hosting for 1, 5, 10, or countless mini-sites? Of these websites, how large are they going to be? These are generally vital queries you must yourself when you decide to order internet hosting. On one hand, purchasing shared internet hosting for just 1-2 websites may serve your website injustice as shared hosting can sometimes be around the not-so-good side. Conversely, if you have 10 websites, paying $5 per month for each may get extremely expensive, particularly as your number of websites increase! Be sure you only buy what is best for you.

2. A clever Affiliate marketer never puts all his / her eggs in one basket. Broaden your hosting, even though it is between two hosting companies. Putting all of your websites through one hosting plan seriously isn’t going to help you make a decision if it is good for you. Split-test, and if one of the hosting companies should fail you, then you have immediate back-up. NEVER put all your eggs in a single basket. This is also an “age-old” SEO method for inter-linking of unique websites.

3. Cheaper isn’t always better… and much more expensive does not usually mean “high quality”. Take this into account and read online reviews. Cautiously determine the amount you want to spend in comparison to the quality of hosting you want. Its not necessary hundreds of gigabytes of server space for a little “content website”.

4. Bundle! Often you will find Affiliate marketing communities that, as part of their membership, offer FREE internet hosting! This really is a great way to bundle and save. By doing this you can get free software, articles, tools, e-books and more… then to finish it off with Free internet hosting helps make the deal about as sweet as it can get. This can be possibly the best way to look for Online marketers who require tons of hosting space and a little something extra.

5. Try to find cheap web hosting online reviews. Find out what others think of a certain hosting package. Believe it that people are not afraid with regards to bad service. If a hosting company has ever displeased someone, you’ll definitely hear about it online.

These general rules can help you get the most perfect and cheapest website hosting available. Do your homework, do your research so you really can’t make a mistake. When it comes down to it, it’s all a matter of your specific needs as an Online marketer or Business website owner

In case you are exhausted from searching a reliable cheapest hosting solution then no problem as I have one researched for you – AllReseller.com . It gives low cost hosting and that is industry best…

How You Can Generate Excellent Sum Of Revenue With Web Reseller Hosting Business

There is an estimate of around 1 billion websites over the web today. The common thing of the websites is that each will need a web host no matter what. This is why web hosting business is probably the most worthwhile web business nowadays. The web reseller gets to purchase a web hosting offer from any good web provider which provides its web space and bandwidth at affordable price. The surplus space is meant for being offered for sale for some other site owners who need them with a affordable fee monthly to attract your new customers.

There are lots of ways to find potential customers to your new reseller business, like advertise it through your own blog, take part in discussion boards to trade your reseller web business and much more.

You are required to promote their reseller hosting business exactly like if they were their own hosting company. Re-brand the reseller hosting, promote it, advertise it, sell or rent your additional space and bandwidth exclusively, or alternatively, you can bundle the web space with extra services. As a reseller of web hosting, aside from selling the extra hosting space which you have, you can even provide services for instance coaching those who are new in this field on how to start their website. Attempt to outsource this website developing job to any web-building specialists or from a freelance site if you’re not too comfortable regarding how to develop a good website. Next, you may want to provide a pack of services to the clients by incorporating web-hosting, web-building support and maintenance support for your customers especially if you will find technical difficulties regarding their websites.

The reseller smartly holds onto their web marketing strategy of maintaining their monthly fee low as this industry is extremely competitive, and every single reseller is hoping their best to draw in more customers to improve their business and income. Some hosting company also offers their customers with a free of charge 30-days trial where the clients may stop their membership if they made the decision within the first 30 days of their enrollment. The gist of reseller business is that after you get a few faithful and prospective clients as your customer base, you may begin to make money each month as the monthly paid member fees will come rolling in without fail.

Web host reseller is a profitable Business opportunity which has attracted thousands of, and even countless web-masters to hop on this bandwagon with the expectation to get profitable business grasp themselves into this market because of the promising future of web hosting business. Throughout the initial start-up of the reseller business, some substantial quantity of attention and action are required. Soon after the reseller web hosting business gets to stabilized over the next 2-3 years, you’ll find fundamentally very little attention and support that your reseller host have to take care of because it is a residual business that continue to produce residual revenue years after.

Making a living being a web reseller hosting is literally not a difficult job. You just need a reliable internet hosting provider which will gives you cheap reseller hosting for which I would recommend AllReseller.com

Tips For A Prosperous Web Hosting Reseller Online business

Web Hosting Reseller Business may perhaps sound so complex to put up. You may also think that seeking good results on this sort of business is difficulty, however , you are completely wrong. It is actually a pretty uncomplicated process which usually would demand careful planning and time.

If you’re acquainted with what an Insurance agent or Real estate agent does, then this is certainly quite very much the same with a web hosting reseller. The main difference is that a web hosting reseller actually acquires the rights to trade a domain service. So what is important to simply do would be to sell this well established web host to prospect clients searching for a web space and web services to allow them to set up their business online.

To start of, you will need to look for a reliable web hosting company that will permit you to have multiple web hosting accounts which means having numerous domains. This will not merely allow you to create numerous websitesfor your prospects but moreover create your personal website to promote your Web Hosting Reseller business.

Make sure your web hosting company offers several access to the cpanel of each websites. This means that, being a reseller, should have access to your client’s website control panel while your client also can manage his own website. It’s also important that the web host is actually able to conceal the original web host provider so that your clients would probably believe that you will be providing direct services to them plus they are not hosted by another company.

For almost any business to achieve success, you will need to develop trust together with your customers. And that is why, at the start of the transaction, you need to provide copies of terms and conditions, contract and other necessary documents. In this way, you’ll be able to easily deal with any clash or trouble which could happen and which may have lawful significances.

Additionally it is best that you provide customer support so that when your customers have difficulties, they could easily reach you and have their problem fixed immediately. Remember, that the clients’ websites are important to them since most of them are building websites for their business. So it is a must that you attend right away to their necessities.

Venturing into web hosting reseller business is really effortless as it will never need any particular knowledge. Just applying the ideas that I have mentioned above you may definitely be proceeding up on your ladder to a Profitable reseller hosting Business.

Low Cost Web Hosting – Is It Worthwhile?

Great job! Just completed your first internet site? So this is the high time to discover web hosting companies of assorted nature. You would possibly crack your head whether to go 100 % free or paid hosting or low cost web hosting. Let’s have various discussion on these aspects.

While free website hosting is provided at no cost, the vast majority of webmasters are picking either paid or low cost web hosting. This low cost web hosting may be acquired by shared web hosting. This is the lowest priced considering all of the kinds of hosting.

When you opt for free web host, the company usually show their particular banners on top of all your pages. If you want to lift the banners you’ll want to pay little amount of money or upgrade to several of the paid hosting plans.

Low cost web hosting provides you with lots of capabilities which enables you to create your dream website at nominal cost. In case you are a student, simply purchase a low cost package. Here you possibly can test your SEO or web designing abilities before launching a perfect website.

Even you could go with Yahoo personal website that provides you with many features for low cost and in many cases free. The main restriction using this type of hosting may be the minimal amount of e-mail accounts provided with the plan. You should perform online research on this aspect in case you require more email accounts.

Most of the cheap webhosts offers free setup but small disk space. For this reason check with the provider for the MB of space they are offering. If you ever seek help on the low cost web hosting then uptime of the server also needs to be examined for uninterrupted service.

Perhaps you could include few sub domains as some of the low cost web hosting companies provides this facility. If you would like measure their service, just unearth the number of clients they’ve got. A perfect company offers more amount of customers.

Besides this, the low cost web hosting provider should offer 24 hour technical and customer support service. You can knock the door of the customer support whenever you want to sort out any issue which you encounter during hosting your website.

Bandwidth (data transfer) is in addition limited. Usually select the provider with greater bandwidth to get many users to critique your internet site. Initially you may become a member of 100 MB bandwidth also!

Many cheap web hosting companies provides free databases including MySQL. For other databases like MS SQL you must choose some windows hosting package.

The most crucial three benefits of low cost web hosting are:

1. Reseller hosting benefits 2. Minimal expenses with cheap web hosting service 3. You spend less for now as well as for the near future

You can even get Frontpage extensions, web file manager (that can be used instead of FTP), webmail (good if you require to check your email account from another computer) and website builder tools.

Your requirement list should be well prepared prior to picking a provider. You possibly can seek the assistance of the internet to look out for reliable host. This type of low cost web hosting would be the most suitable choice to go for the newcomers.

Are you hunting for low cost web hosting provider? Then I would most likely recommend AllReseller.com since it has low low cost hosting at such incredible rates that you would have never seen before.

Cheap VPS Hosting – A Method Of Achieving Success!

Choosing the best hosting solution for your personal business might be one of the important judgements you’ll make. Things like safety, level of control, data transfer, and cost all needs to be considered when choosing your hosting. Your clients must be sure that after they will present individual data or when they access your website at their convenience that’s safe and running smoothly. AllReseller.com provides you with the very best hosting solution – cheap vps hosting. It gives you control and security and independent ability to reboot you server, offers you full root access and provides with many features that using a user-friendly control panel.

Cheap VPS hosting stands out as the ideal option to dedicated hosting. Dedicated servers may cost much more or perhaps be way too strong for your needs. Linux Virtual Private Servers provide you with the best and cheapest Virtual Private Server hosting solutions. At AllReseller.com we give top quality hosting service on the most affordable price. Our VPS servers use the latest technology to create for you the perfect hosting solutions.

Virtual Private Servers enable you to have some great benefits of a dedicated server without having to pay the dedicated server cost. Also, you won’t encounter troubles of shared hosting simply because your VPS server is separate from all other customers and gives you full power over your hosting.

VPS rates begin from a per month amount of $20 on the lower side, to up to $100 on the higher side. However, don’t take price as an sign of quality. If you are not fully aware of how the VPS web host functions, you can start off with the lower end which gives you 64MB RAM and a 2GB disk space. You can expand your base from there on. You can go for the higher price band if you have great ideas but little budget to commence with your business.

Our Linux VPS hosting is the best out there. Achievement of our customers is our success and at AllReseller.com we’re dedicated to aiding you do everything feasible to attain that. With our Virtual Private Server you will be able to reach the virtual control panel from your own internet browser, have full management of your server and use our 24 hour customer support when you have any difficulties or questions. Cheap VPS hosting is really a option that you’ve been looking for. AllReseller.com’s Virtual Private Server hosting solutions are your method for accomplishment.

If you’re devoid of a really big budget and looking for cheap vps hosting then I will suggest AllReseller.com .It’s the one of the best internet hosting provider giving top quality vps hosting.

An Explanation Of Web Hosting Reseller Package Business

Many people have an interest in web hosting opportunities. There are undoubtedly strategies to earn cash in the hosting arena. One example would likely be to sell web hosting reseller offers. Reseller packages may be converted into a beneficial business, if it is maintained correctly.

The absolute minimum investment of fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars could be needed so as to start a web hosting reselling business. Part of this expense is related to purchasing of hosting services for resale so you may market and sell web hosting reseller packages.

One can find at least some options you may choose from so that you can be in a position to sell web hosting reseller packages. The best option is for you to represent the host by marketing and selling the web hosting reseller packages yourself. As part of this option, you\’ll be in charge for managing the space. Thus, customers might call you for support, not the company that you simply purchased the web space from.

Another option you have is to purchase a bulk amount of web space and bandwidth. Then you can resell the space in web hosting reseller packages or however you decide to sell it.

Whichever you determine to do, you would like to be able to customize the packages which you sell. As an example, many web hosting reseller packages will include the name of the package, volume of space, at least one email account, mailing lists, and bandwidth limits. If you are searching for things like unlimited domains, additional control over your reseller packages and dedicated resources, then you will have to ask the provider you could be dealing with, because these will not be considered basic services.

You might want to ensure that the company you will be planning on purchasing web hosting reseller packages from gives specialized support that is available at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You would need it, and if you are not really a top level specialist in the tech field, you are likely to appreciate the assistance, if you happen to need it.

As with any business venture, it\’s of the utmost importance to do your research before deciding on to go in the business of web hosting reseller packages. You wish to make sure you are investing your hard earned dollars wisely with a company that can offer the value and service options that you need. The provider you find to meet your preferences probably are not the cheapest company, however they might be among the finest.

In case you are looking forward to jump into reseller hosting business then you\’ll need an established hosting company which provides cheap reseller hosting. The only I suggest personally is AllResller.com . One can give boost to your reseller hosting business through their reseller windows hosting package.