Even though you practice onsite and offsite optimization factors like meta tags and other on page search engine optimization, you may not have everything. It’s more than just doing the dos and best practices of dental marketing, you should also avoid some aspects to make your web pages rank higher in search engines.

Listed below are 5 aspects you need to avoid in order to improve search engine ranking.

1. Readdress to another Domain

It’s not 100 % assurance that you’ll end up being banned in search engine if you redirect your website to a different domain. Unfortunately this process is a highly familiar spammer tactic utilized in concurrence along with hiding and doorway pages. You should write a 301 HTTP redirect, not a 302 or meta refresh should you set up a redirect that will go to a new domain. By utilizing this, the various search engines are directed that this readdressing is irrepairable and they have to change the domain within their directory.

2. Readdressing To Fresh Domains

Due to the fact this kind of technique is frequently used by spammers, be careful and it’s a good strategy to protect yourself from carrying it out. When your site is blocked in error, it’s hard to get back to search engine listings.

3. Linking Invisible Images

Invisible images point towards images having 1×1 pixels size and cannot be observed at a webpage through the bare eye. Given that the search engine ranking of any website page is predicated on the quantity of links, linking images concealed from the customers are made.

4. Connecting Single Pixel Images

This specific trick is linked with exhibiting unique content to search engines like google along with invisible text. Do not assume that search engines like google won’t be able to read CSS or HTML tags which resize full-sized images. Internet websites are ultimately banned once they use this to optimize their web pages.

5. Inclusion Of Invisible Text On Web Pages

Camouflaging text by constructing it using of same color like the background, could fool users however, not the search engines. Very small font size which makes it unreadable is likewise is an example.

Never ever do the 5 must-avoid actions mentioned above to be able to apply proper dental marketing to a dental website.

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