It has become almost impossible to find any web hosting service that doesn’t guarantee 99% uptime these days. With all the advantages in technology, new products, super servers and so on, you really have to ask yourself just what could happen to create that 1% differential.

You should no longer be pondering on why they are not giving you out that 100% guarantee. They could never really tell and foresee what might happen in the succeeding days. There might be some unplanned events that could really affect their operations that may come very suddenly.

Explaining further, they may have the best of technological equipments in town and may be assured of a very reliable web hosting system most of the time but, they might not be prepared of any fortuitous events that may happen prospectively.

You may still be skeptical. But you may read the following instances and incidents that have truly proven that the 1% could really happen anytime.

1-Mac Truck Means Max Down Time

RackSpace had become known as one of the most respected, reliable and popular web hosting companies of all time by early 2007. They took hold of the market in a number of ways thanks to their 100% uptime guarantee. Even major corporations such as Motorola took note and threw all of their support and website muscle behind RackSpace.

The notion that there is no 100% uptime has challenged this great company. It happened in a specific day were most of their generators do not have yet their cooling capacities. A transport truck accidentally hit the power transformer of the company which eventually caused power overload from those backup generators. Without the required cooling system, the backup generators also malfunctioned due to overheating. The websites of their clients were massively down.

As great as technology is, as powerful as companies are in terms of fighting off hacking and server problems, you just never known when a truck might drive off the road right into your living room. What is the lesson learnt? Keep your data servers as far away from highways as possible.

2 – Web Hosting Boycotted By Mother Nature

While it is hard to predict when a truck might veer off the road, there are certain precautions that web hosts could take. Surrounding data servers in a cement compound is just one idea, but you get the point. But, what about when things get a little more unpredictable and severe? The ServerBeach data server center came under attack from an unexpected source. A thunder and lightning storm caused a power outage throughout Virginia, and as we all know data servers are not invincible. Somewhat similar to the RackSpace fiasco, Serverbeach’s cooling units failed to keep the back up generators going which led to a complete shut down of absolutely everything within the center.

Most of the servers of the Server Beach Company is very well protected and that the company personnel that mother nature could attack in another manner. It was a stormy whether all throughout Virginia at that time. Clouds roar with thunder and striking and powerful lightning storms were released from the sky. All of a sudden, power was out in Virginia. Well, the company is pretty much prepared of power shortages by just using their backup generators. What the company did not expect is that those backup generators would fail due to the same reason of RockSpace’s, that there were no effective cooling systems thereby shutting down the whole server operations.

Maybe the very basic notion that we may see in these situations is that why are these companies relying on backup generators that may be faulty due to their cooling systems.

Dreamhost has always been the center of attention when it comes to web hosting scandals, problems and shutdowns. They have been caught lying, scamming and flat out falling apart, yet they still continue to be one of the top web hosts online.

When it comes to conspicuous web hosting companies that are involved on serious scandals, problems and shutdowns, we could not forget the Dream Host Company. They are allegedly a bunch of creeps, liars and scammers, that most of their clients condemned its existence.

One day of surprise came that the power generators of this company caught fire that have crawled up to its server rooms. Well basically it’s another case of accident caused by a malfunctioning backup generator that eventually shut down most of its clients’ website.

Dream Host did not easily ran away from the public’s eyes and memory since the incident happened. Most of their clients’ websites were not running and these clients demanded from the company their respective refund. Although gone through the problematic stages, the company now is back on its feet again doing some more business.

4 – The News Was Not As badly as the Fire

When it gets to the fire topic, one could relatively note the case of The Planet web hosting company who has its servers installed at the Houston data center that in a sudden turn of event, the power transformers have blown up and then afterwards affecting the 10,000 servers due to a porous rampage. The company had made the public believe that the incident was not caused by faulty generators that they have.

The Planet has not disclosed the full details of the problem to its clients unlike the move of RockSpace, thereby saving some of its clients. They have given out notifications of what is going on, and how are they making it up to solve the problem. Surely it is a better strategy that they have used.

5 – The Host Destructive Hurricane

There are NO Guarantees in Life

The company did not try to aid the problems. Fox Link did not make any single effort in terms of apologizing to their client and to regain its business. It had left the situation hanging and clients in despair due to losses.

Who knows the next time a truck might run into a server or when a hurricane might come tearing through an area. To be blunt, $h*t happens and there is nothing that web hosting companies can do to avoid it.

As we have already learned in our life, there are always possibilities that in everything we do, we could not totally expect a positive outcome. This is also true with web hosting; there can be no guarantees of a 100% full running site.Possibilities of a truck hitting the servers and hurricanes ruining the companies’ workplaces can be evident. These can happen anywhere and anytime regardless of the hosting company.In a sudden turn out of events, things might come differently, and the 99% might not come wholly. Let us just appreciate that there are now a lot of companies that we could rely on and would willingly aid us in terms of our hosting problems unlike the misfortune that was experienced by Fox Link’s clients.

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