Recently, Windows Reseller web hosting has proved itself to be a more popular alternative compared with the Linux platform because of the numerous advantages and features that can be derived from using it.

1. One of the great advantages of the platform is the ability to use Active Server pages, a Microsoft based application that is frequently used in web page design. There are also many other active programming tools and scripts that the platform will allow you to use, meaning that you will be able to build something suitable for whatever your needs are as long as they can be on Windows Reseller web hosting.

2. In Windows Reseller services, you will find RDMS (a relational database management system) being used which is a type of SQL server that is frequently used because of the great reputation it has as a high-level tool that has worked in projects all over the world, especially in projects where the reliability of the implementation is very important.

3. Reseller business takes well to it since it is very compatible with a myriad host devices, far more than Linux can claim in the end. For instance, a UNIX-based website is still permitted to use a Windows-based service, but Windows-based websites do not work well on Linux platforms, which can be quite a problem in terms of compatibility, making people prefer Windows.

4. The chief advantage of the Windows platform is the tremendous compatibility advantages it offers. For some insight into this, consider that with the Windows platform you will be able to use one control panel to track all of your clients at the same time as opposed to the Linux environment where you would need to set up a control panel to keep track of each individual client.

5. It fully allows you to use ASP. Net and ASP if you wish to do so as a part of you Windows Reseller web host service plan. This is a great inclusion in the feature suite because ASP and ASP.Net are exceptional tools that will allow for the development of feature rich web applications and will, therefore, allow you to develop and attractive website for the business.

6. Also, SQL server is supplied with Microsoft – this allows you to employ superior data management given many business applications that already exist on the market.

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