Any product or service that requires storage or access on the internet will use the services of a web hosting company to do this. Anything that is stored or accessible on the Internet will require some form of storage; sometimes this is even supplied free of charge but is normally part of an overall package. The hosting company has a number of servers, or data centers, where each person is provided with varying amounts of space to store their digital media, including websites; others can then access these files (web pages for example).

Free hosting deals are great for those who want to ‘dip their toes in the water’ for example but the range of services available to them will be limited. However, if you’re planning to expand you should shift to a paid service as free web hosting only gives you limited space and sub-domains for your site. You can search the Web for many of the paid hosting services but their prices may vary depending on the packages they’re offering.

Almost everyone starts out with what is termed ’shared hosting’ where the server is used by many.This will enable you to see if you have chosen a very good company; then change to a dedicated server with your company when you’re comfortable with their services. Before you can use your web hosting package you will need to register a domain otherwise it will be of no use, then once that is done your website and any other files can be uploaded to the server ready for viewing.

The word ‘files’ is a generic term that can mean anything from video to audio tracks but be aware that basic packages do not give the most storage if you are intending to upload large files; however, as storage costs come down, companies are increasing this amount of space.

Another advantage of web hosting and your own domain name is that email addresses will include your own domain name and not that of those free providers such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to name a few of the thousands of providers whose services can be used. It always looks like the user is more serious about their internet presence if they have their own email and domain name, it increases credibility. The amount of data that is viewed on your site each time someone accesses it is called bandwidth; it is an extremely important aspect to consider and the main reason why buying the cheapest hosting package is not always best.

Files include web pages, images, audios, and videos, to name a few and normally, you will be provided with storage space of about 1Gb although the limit is continually rising as storage costs lessen.Initially, the majority of users decide on paying for a shared server with their hosting company.It is usually possible to upgrade to have a dedicated server for your files once you know the service provider is reliable; there is normally an additional charge for this facility.

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