In terms of web hosting leaders, Hostgator is clearly a top tier option. The success HostGator has achieved has been unprecedented. They are one of several world’s 10 largest hosting services. According to their site, they host around 2,500,000 domains. They have also been ranked number 21 on the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in America. From the years 2005 to 2008, HostGator achieved a 900% increase in revenue. So that you can tell HostGator has been very successful. We freely admit here at Web Host Mentor, that HostGator ranks as a top favorite within our group. Now HostGator didn’t pay us to say that. Its just the way it has fallen out. More of us consistently use this platform because it just conforms with what we like.

Now lets find out why


So that you can earn the trust of customers it is vital that you establish reliable hosting services, otherwise your company will tumble. Similar to the other hosting services we recommend, HostGator has a advanced data center with backup power generators and all the techno goodies to make her hum. They boast a 99.9% uptime record. HostGator also went a step further and introduced a Gigabit Uplink with a Guaranteed 20mbit connection. This assures that there will be no failures in any network. HostGator has also implemented several layers of network security ensuring the safety of all your information. We could continue about their technology, but its fair to say that all of the five hosting services that met our standards, excel in this area. Along with outstanding customer support, the reliability of the technology is a green fee to even being considered for this review.


In in our book, in terms of web hosting, price is a big deal. It is one of the key differentiators. Customers need to know their hosting platform is reliable and has plenty of features and excellent customer support, but they shouldn’t pay an arm and a leg. In our opinion, to achieve success in this highly competitive field, you best offer to your customers an attractive value proposition. Unfortunately, that isn’t forever the situation. A number of the hosting companies struggle with successfully juggling reliability, services/tools, customer relations, and price. However, HostGator is probably the closest thing you will find to pulling the rabbit out of the hat. For just $4.95 a month they offer a long list of features, tools, and services. Each hosting account consists of well over 4,500 website templates. HostGator is also well known for the amazing unlimited diskspace and bandwidth they provide. They offer a very flexible and user friendly control panel, unlimited sub domains, FTP accounts, and email accounts and just a laundry list of other features. Go have a look for yourself. As well as the $50 free in Goggle AdWords credit. Let me be careful here so as not to let bias creep into my review. These guys offer a very robust value proposition when comparing everything that is important to the webmaster. Option conservative way of describing it.

Control Panel

HostGator uses an exceptionally easy to navigate cPanel. The HostGator cPanel is probably the most user friendly full featured control panels. The fantastico feature has become everyone’s favorite feature. It allows webmasters to install content management systems like WordPress and drupal, not to mention all the forums, blogs and portals that you can enable. Just click on their link below and you may actually demo their cPanel in order to get “feel” for how it operates. Or try their free SiteBuilder Tool as they have a demo for that as well.

Customer Service

One reason HostGator has been so successful is the fact they offer quality customer service. I know, it sounds like a broken record, but it is what it is. All five of our recommended web hosts excel in this area and they better as we consider this one of the review differentiators. HostGator offers award winning support 24/7/365. They offer a 45 day guarantee. The gator crew is available via email, phone or live chat. They are going to solve any problem that might inconvenience you. Since a some of our webmasters have an extensive body of experience with HostGator, we can speak to how good the customer service has been when we needed to reach out. They don’t disappoint. HostGator’s aim it to solve any web hosting problem you have and offer advice that will save you lots of time and money. They also offer over 500 Video Tutorials and 680 Help Articles. Yes, they have their act together.


1. Unlimited disk space 2. Unlimited bandwidth 3. Unlimited domains 4. Instant backups 5. 99.9 uptime guarantee 6. WordPress friendly 7. 45 day guarantee 8. Free setup 9. 24/7 support 10. $50 free Google AdWords 11. Site builder


HostGator has proven it is among the leaders in the web hosting industry. They have the goods to support it too and at the right price. They offer services to beginners and professionals alike. With the unlimited disk space and bandwidth the possibilities of how many websites you will get are endless. HostGator offers top grade customer service and reliability. It is no mistake that HostGator is one of the fastest growing companies in America. Word of mouth marketing is getting around and people are responding in a positive way. Like I said earlier, many of us here have already made the jump into the gator bandwagon. In order to find out more about their hosting plan, simply click on the link below.

Hostgator is the finest web hosting service in the world as you have seen from this hostgator review. Which means you should not waste your time and energy while researching for some other internet hosting company. Use hostgator coupon to obtain price reduction on your order.

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