This turns out to be the most typical means of Web Hosting on offer. Basically a company starts by setting up one or more servers for Web Hosting, and then their various customers will pay for part of the server and as well as share with other customers. Overall, one server might host hundreds of websites all at once.

Numerous benefits abound for Shared Hosting. It is the cheapest form of commercial Hosting, as the cost of the server can be offset by the many customers who can use it at once. You don’t have to have any advanced techie know how to use it and you’re only responsible for your own account – there’s no time that you’re involved with the server itself. You get access to uptime guarantees, customer and technical service, and a contract, because it is a paid for solution.

Because you are additionally sharing the server’s resources, since you share the server with other clients, this is the downside. The server, just like a home PC, has only so much memory, CPU and disk space available, and if other customers are using it heavily – or if the Web Host has put too many people on the server – or even if the server isn’t particularly fast in the first place! you might find yourself frustrated when your website seems to be slow.

Furthermore, Shared Hosting will not permit much in the way of sophisticated, potent features which the more expensive choices offer to you, you will also discover. Keeping in mind that this server should be really safe in the first place, associated risk brought on by not knowing how safe your “neighbors” are is not so serious; a minor security risk is present, though.

For the majority of users and websites, Shared Hosting is the perfect answer to the needs. With a few exceptions, only people who want their own server and/or control over the contents of it will need anything else.

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