One of the most difficult decisions any new comer will need to make is which web hosting platform would he or she wants their server to be on. Windows and Linux web site servers are two of the most heavily utilized.

- The control panel and FTP commands, you will find these on both Windows and Linux servers, although you will discover that some commands will differ between the two because certain FTP programs were designed primarily for Windows or Linux. This could be the reason for some error messages you may encounter when attempting to run certain FTP commands on each server.

- Support, when it comes to support Windows wins hands down, Linux can be slightly harder to find support for in regards to some of its technology. Linux is designed with a certain set of tech in mind each time where as Windows is designed to have generic appeal.

* Security and reliability – As Windows is widely used for home PC, there is a tendency that the security features incorporated for this operating system is not as high technology as those for Linux, which are mostly used by developers and system engineers only. Because of Window’s likelihood of being hacked into successfully, Linux could probably have contributed to Window’s loss of users as these users begin to find flaws in common home systems.

-Performance- Linux is frequently thought to be a better performing system most likely due to the fact that it is packaged efficiently. The plans for Linux are more targeted to their specific customers. The flip side of that is that Windows provides an approach that is more one size fits all.

Conversion – If you are considering an upcoming change in your Operating System, it would be just fine to have Linux server now as it is very easily shifted to hosting via Windows; Linux very easily transitions to Windows. On the other hand, however, it can be much more difficult to say the least to convert your website form a Windows hosting system to that of Linux.

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