Once you decide to put up a website, you will need to figure out not only how you want the website designed, but also which company you want to use to host the website once it is completed and ready to go online. One type of web hosting that is sometimes necessary or at least preferable for some types of websites is database web hosting. Many people and companies make use of applications that use databases in their websites, but not all of these websites really require database web hosting.

Most websites don’t really need this type of hosting, which can be more expensive, they just need to be able to access their databases. This includes most ecommerce websites. Basically, you need to think which is the most important part, the database or the rest of the website. Those websites that really run off of the database need to have this type of hosting however.

Some examples of websites that need to use database web hosting are those that include programs for customer relationship management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on their site. These applications require the use of huge databases in order to work, so this type of hosting is necessary.

As this type of hosting has more memory in general, it is also good for those that use memory intensive custom applications since it will give them more speed. You don’t need to have a database-based website in order to use this type of hosting, although it has been geared especially for the needs of these types of websites. Any website that could benefit from having access to a lot more RAM than the standard servers allow could be better off with this type of hosting. If you have a custom software application the people who developed the application for you should be able to tell you about how much memory and space you will need.

So how exactly is this type of hosting different? The most obvious way is the fact that they usually use a dedicated server that has more RAM. This allows the websites that need to use these database servers to be able to load much faster since it takes longer if they have to pull the information off of the hard drive rather than from the RAM. If these database intensive websites that take a lot of memory try to get by with regular web hosting they will most likely have problems with their web pages loading very slowly and not working well, which will make them unpleasant to use.

If you do need to use database web hosting, you will want to make a plan for who is responsible for the maintenance that is needed in order to keep the website running well. In some cases you can get this type of thing included in your hosting plan so that the host will perform much of the necessary maintenance for you. This is great if you don’t have a lot of time to do this for yourself.

Decide whether or not you need Database Web Hosting

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