The dedicated web hosting is one type of web hosting; the other types are the free web hosting, shared web hosting and the virtual web hosting. The dedicated web hosting is the internet based web hosting that has many advantages. In the shared and the virtual web hosting the customer do not have the reliability and the privacy. The shared web hosting the customers has to share the server with the other customers.

The dedicated web hosting have several advantages over the shared web hosting as the customers website and the webpage are secure and are reachable to the users. The only disadvantage the dedicated web hosting has is the price of the dedicated web hosting. But the price problem is settled in the long time use of the websites. But the continuing growth in the web hosting market has led to the market competition and the prices of the dedicated server are declining and the services are increasing.

There are also many advantages of the dedicated web hosting. As the customer is the sole user of the server therefore he need not have to share the bandwidths, applications, processing speeds and the other features with the other users and they do not need to share the hardware and the space for the server.

But in the case of the dedicated web hosting the important information is protected are more secure. The dedicated web hosting has their firewall which helps to secure the information. Therefore for the security and reliability point of view the dedicated web hosting is the solution to the customers.

The dedicated web hosting provides the customer to install their operating system on the server and the software as required by the customer. Therefore the customer has a greater control over the website and the webpage. The dedicated web hosting provides satisfactory services to the customers as they have limited number of customers and they have the time to focus on any request and suggestion they receive.

The monthly rentals of the dedicated servers are way too high than the other web hosting. But still the big business firms use the dedicated web hosting as this is more reliable and secure than the other types of the web hosting. The dedicated web hosting is the future of the web hosting industry.

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