When a company or a person decides to have an online presence or other internet based project they will use a service called web hosting. This giant storage facility normally comes at a cost owing to the services it provides but in some instances (normally non-business or commercial), they can be offered free. Anything uploaded to a web host will be stored on the host’s server which means that other internet users can then access your website for what is essentially a huge digital storage facility.

A large number of companies even supply free hosting to individuals, not generally companies, where they are able to have websites and blogs without any charge. Many restrictions exist with free web hosting but that is to be expected and for some it is an ideal situation but for only a few dollars per month, a paid web hosting service is far superior. You can search the Web for many of the paid hosting services but their prices may vary depending on the packages they’re offering.

Almost everyone starts out with what is termed ’shared hosting’ where the server is used by many.When the need for more space and security is required then a dedicated server at extra cost can be used. Websites require a domain name (not necessarily supplied by the web hosting company)otherwise no-one will be able to find you; once this has been done your domain will be located a specific amount of space for you to store your website, etc.

All companies will allocate a certain amount of space for your website and any other files required to be stored there (photos and MP3 tracks, for example) and this can be anything from 500Mb or more, depending on the host and package you are paying for.

If you have your own domain name, this allows for your own email address without another company (Google for example) having their name as part of the address; this is another benefit of paid web hosting. Such e-mail addresses are very important, especially if you’re truly serious in business as they provide you with a level of credibility that free email addresses never can. Then you have bandwidth, which refers to how much data is being transferred over the internet, this is something that many people overlook simply because they’re enamored with the low prices of hosting packages and don’t consider how quickly bandwidth is used up.

If your package cannot provide this or the company cannot meet your needs then visitors will not always be able to access your site during busy periods so a new package or company may be needed. This point becomes more important when you have a site that provides large video, audio and image files to its visitors as all of these use up the bandwidth you have been allocated as part of your package. Some people use their own home computers for web hosting but there can be serious security and reliability issues here so it is best to look for a professional company to supply this service.

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