These days everyone is trying to save some money and it only makes sense that the discount website hosting business would be doing well. No one needs or wants to have to pay more than what is required for a simple account to host your website. Although you don’t have to, here are some of the considerations to think about when considering whether or not to use discount website hosting.

Discount website hosting is usually conducted on shared website hosting. The result of this is that your website is residing with numerous other websites that are on the same server. Often, you will not know what kinds of websites that are sharing you’re IP address, and this can be bad. Should another website on your IP get on the wrong side of Google it is considered that all of the websites on that IP have problems.

One website on your shared server might become very popular and take up all of the available bandwidth, which will effectively slow your website down considerable.

Bandwidth and space are very limited which gives you very little, if any, room to expand. The data and space transfer allotments can be ridiculous on some discount website hosting accounts.

With numerous websites on your server you will have very slow load times for your website. This is quickly becoming a ranking factor for Google, and you don’t want people leaving your website because it’s taking too long to load.

There are some serious uptime issues that cause problems for many discount website hosting accounts. If you are running a business your website needs to be available all the time. Anything less than the website being up and running full time is simply unacceptable,

Server security is questionable for discount website hosting accounts. Frequently the patches, updates, and resources aren’t taken as seriously as they should be. Server attacks and email spamming happen more often.

Support for your website is, at best, minimal. Phone support is practically nonexistent. Because the person who is answering your email or phone call is being paid much more than the fee you’re paying per hour each month, hosts simply can’t afford to provide superior support for this price.

For the few dollars you may save each month, discount website hosting may not be worth the risk you are taking with your website and even your customers. You need to consider all of the ramifications prior to using a discount website hosting service.

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