Those who own websites must confront a tough choice from the moment they start an online business. This is to choose where to host your site. You can run a cursory search for web hosting companies and you will find tons of free companies as well as web hosting for fees as well. It’s hard to know what to choose.

Obviously, the initial distinction is cost. Webhosting that is free permits site owners to have their sites hosted at no expense to them. You need not pay anything to upload files to the companies servers. There are no fees involved for keeping the website hosted on the server over time. While paid web hosting, as the title may suggest, costs a small fee for a website to be hosted.

When it comes to web hosting the most important factor to consider is the bandwidth offered. The bandwidth refers to the speed of transfer of data from the host to person visiting your site. Generally speaking, the higher the number of bandwidth offered, the faster the site will load–or come up on the screen–of the person visiting your site. If you have pictures, those will load more quickly as well. Videos and files will come up faster too.

The amount of web space you need for your website is also important if you are planning to grow your website, or at least have the flexibility to be able to expand it at a later date. Free web hosting services usually limit the amount of web space allowed by you web site, the number of pages your website can have or both.

You want your site to be easy to maneuver and navigate. If visitors struggle, they will hit the back key. So as you choose a web hosting company, they offer ease of navigation. It is certain that you will need to maintain control over your site and have the freedom to operate it in whatever manner you see fit. The majority of free web hosting services prevent you from making use of the domain name of your choice. As an alternative, you must use a subdomain or internal domain of their own website.

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