Web Hosting starts with a great domain name. When someone is talking about making money online or selling products on their website, it doesn’t mean that it started happening over night for them. Therefor, they probably spent thousands of dollars on PPC (pay per click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before they started seeing results. Selecting the right hosting can be confusing sometimes, but in this article we will show to tricks of selecting a reliable web hosting company along with registering a domain name and the whole nine yards.

To get started I will recommend that you register the domain name first. You can register domain name from different websites like godaddy.com, register.com, enom.com, domain.com or even doman-names.nu. The domain names should not cost you over $11.00 for the whole entire year, if you are paying more then I will recommend that you do transfer your domain name to domain-names.nu as I know it will only cost you $10.95 per year. Selecting the right domain name can be a little tricky. There are two way for selecting the right domain name for yourself.

The first tick is to choose a domain name with the keyword in the domain name itself, for instance if your niche market is about inkjet cartridges then you will register a domain name such as easyinkjetcartridgesupplies.com or ezinkjetcartridges.com. Advantages of using this method is having first page ranking in search engines like google, yahoo and msn with minimal work involved in terms of keyword inkjet cartridges in this case. But depending on your niche market it will vary on the complexity of the keyword.

The second way for selecting the domain name is in terms of getting branded. By saying getting branded I mean to say that you would like to have people know you for the name and not for the product only. For example in the online world and registering domain name and reliable web hosting people know Domain-Names.nu not only because of the price but for their service. Another one in the Car Audio market people know onlinecarstereo.com, topcaraudio.com or crutchfield.com. So if you are looking to get branded online then you will like to prefer a name that is easy to remember, but then that will call for doing a lot of work in terms of off sore marketing and online marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Coming to the conclusion of this article, today we have seen the two major methods of choosing the right domain name for the online business. In the next article we will be going over the important tips of choosing the right web hosting company for your site, and going in depth of how the search engines see that your site is important.

Being in online market of last 6 years has made me learn about general public where they are trying to be successful online, but didn’t happen to where they had expected. I will guide and show the process of being successful without spending an arm and a leg. Today we have learnt the importance of having a great domain name which does make a great difference in online market.

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