There are a few basic requirements for a web host to be useful. While advanced features like datatbase management and scripting are nice space and bandwidth management are key requirements.

When you are deciding upon hosting provider one of the key areas to assess is disk or web space. In the case of hosting providers, space refers to how much information can fit on the disk that is given to the customer by the web host. While the usual market trend is web space provisions in the range of 50 MB to 1000 MB, it could be different depending on the requirements and budget of the client.

The amount of space you will need will vary greatly depending upon your website. Normally most of the websites are composed with HTML texts and few flash animations. Text is extremely economic in nature and the reverse is graphics and naturally they are expensive requiring much greater space. While five pages of text might only take up fifty kilobytes of space a relatively small picture can take a whole megabyte of space.

People who own websites will be best served by merging what features they need with how much money they want to spend. A webmaster must consider both his own needs and the needs of his consumers as they visit his site.

Basic objective of web promotion is generating greater traffic and higher revenue. You will lose out on traffic and therefor revenue if your visitors think the downloading time on your site is too long. The ideal size of a web page has been determined to be around thirty kilobytes since even with a dial up connection it should only take four seconds to download a page of that size. It is recommended that no matter the size of your site, that you buy a bit larger hosting package than you currently need so that you have room to grow your business and website.

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