Think about a site like MySpace for example, where you can design a site there that is entirely free. On these you are able to add photos, blog pages, message boards, film footage and even mps tracks with the only restriction being that it can only be for friendly intentions only, or is supposed to be. This is a good instance of a free website, but in the meantime, MySpace utilizes your web page to place their own adverts.

Now suppose you want to trade wares online – you can use a affordable common server that provides you with an opportunity to set up your own site free of charge and many even provide guides. Of course you will have to acquire a domain name of course, for example,, in addition you will have to register the domain name and then have access to upload your website on the common server.

While this may sound great, in the case of a non-paying common server, you will be sharing your web site with other web sites, although you will be limited to space as well as the amount of information you can transfer at any one time. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to receive thousands of people visit your web site in an hour as it will take up too much bandwidth.

A shared server alternatively, is just like a non-paying server except you have to payout a a small amount every month to maintain your website. You can probably do more relating adverts and could even generate income by signing up for Google Adsense adverts to be positioned on your website, although you will still need to think up a domain.

The opposite to this is a dedicated server which hosts only your site and no others so you have all the space as you require to create a site as large as you desire. You will have sufficient levels of information that can be transferred to cater for all the traffic you can have, and have complete control over the ads that you arrange on your site. A dedicated server is the ultimate in website hosting because in actual fact hosting your own private site and you have sufficient storage space, the amount of information that can be transferred and exemption to do whatever you desire. A dedicated server, while being more expensive, in reality end up end up being less expensive, or even adding to your revenue, if used correctly.

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