You see it all the time, those so-called “reviews” of web hosting services that are nothing more than a listing of features already displayed on the web host’s sale page. This information you see is not a review at all but information you can get yourself by simply going to the providers home page.

Objective Reviews of Web Hosting Services are Essential

While there are many factors you will consider in choosing your web hosting service, including price, and the available features, it is a good idea when collecting review information to really do your homework and locate actual independent reviews from live people who have had the opportunity to work with their customer service, help desk, and billing departments.

All Help Desk Systems are Not Equal

There are many different types of Help Desk Systems being used by web hosting services today, so you need to be sure that you choose a host that allows you to submit questions or requests and track the replies from the host rather than just a cheesy version that simply sends e-mails back and forth. It is sometimes difficult to track emails as they can get caught up in a spam filter or you may misplace them in your own folders or delete them by accident. Names also get dropped in a maze of cc’s and bcc’s when being passed off from the help desk to the technical staff.

Make a List of Questions to Ask Before You Purchase

If the reviews you find simply aren’t covering all of the topics on which you have questions, feel free to come up with your own list of questions and contact the company or companies directly. With emails you can save the information provided by the company in a form of writing, which could be used at a later date if need, which is an advantage of emailing them as opposed to making a quick phone call. This is a great way to see how their Help Desk Service works and how fast they respond to e-mails or ticket requests.

All Guarantees Should be Money Back.

Several web hosting providers offer a 30-day guarantee but that does not ensure that it is a 100% money back guarantee. Make sure you understand the guarantee before you sign up. If you see complaints posted about the company with regard to unanswered contact to the billing department or if refunds were promised and not delivered, that’s usually a sign to move on and check out the next service instead.

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