This has become the most common option available for Web Hosting. A business will establish a set of servers which are dedicated to hosting web pages. Subsequently, each of their customers will pay a fee to use a small section of one of these servers, while other customers rent out other sections. This means that one server can end up being responsible for hundreds of websites all at once.

There are numerous advantages to Shared Hosting. This form of hosting is usually the least expensive method to use, as the server’s overall price is offset with the payments of multiple customers at once. You only have to run your own account, never do you have to fool with the server itself, and no significant technical knowledge is necessary. When you buy into shared hosting, you’ll also be given support from the hosting company, guarantees for operational time, a contract, and more.

The only disadvantage is that as you are sharing server costs, you are also sharing the server’s technical resources. Just like your personal computer, a server can only carry a certain amount of memory, processing power and space. If you are paired with someone who is putting a heavy strain on these resources, or too many people are using the same server, or you are put on a slower server – you may well find that your web site appears to be slow.

Using shared hosting options may also prevent you from using some of the more high-tech, advanced features which a dedicated server can offer you. Keeping in mind that this server should be really safe in the first place, associated risk brought on by not knowing how safe your “neighbors” are is not so serious; a minor security risk is present, though.

A majority of website owners find that shared hosting is a perfect solution. Unless you are an individual who has a specific need to have dominion over an entire server and control its operation, there are very few exceptions to the effectiveness of shared hosting.

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