One of the decisions that must be made and yet still trips up many people along the way is which web hosting platform you want your server to be on. The two platforms you really get to choose from are either Windows or Linux.

- The control panel and FPT commands, you will find these on both Windows and Linux servers, although you will discover that some commands will differ between the two because certain FTP programs were designed primarily for Windows or Linux. This is one of the common reasons for error messages that seemingly spring from nowhere when you are trying to run FTP commands on the server.

Support – Linux can be limited in support for some technology which can sometimes make it more expensive in comparison to Windows. As opposed to Windows, which uses more generic technologies, Linux used much more specific ones.

Reliability and Security Functions- Linux, which is generally used by software developers and those that engineer systems, often proves to be more reliable and to have some higher tech security features. Windows is more often used in the home or for the home office and is not quite as reliable or secure. Because of Window’s likelihood of being hacked into successfully, Linux could probably have contributed to Window’s loss of users as these users begin to find flaws in common home systems.

-Performance- Linux is generally thought to be a slightly better performing system primarily due to the manner in which the Linux server is packaged. These higher-performance Linux plans are designed specifically more so for the customers they target. Windows usually operates in a different manner and prefers to offer a one size fits all approach with a more generalized set of tools.

* Conversion – if there are plans for you to change your OS in the near future, then having a Linux web server now is fine as this conversion should be smooth and easy to have your website converted from Linux hosting to Windows hosting. A person who wants to change over their existing web site to Linux hosting from Windows hosting will encounter a nightmarish scenario.

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