Which web hosting platform does she or he wish her or his server to be located on proves to be among the most complicated choices that any novice will have to make. The two most popular choices are Windows and Linux web servers.

- The control panel and FTP commands, you will find these on both Windows and Linux servers, although you will discover that some commands will differ between the two because certain FTP programs were designed primarily for Windows or Linux. This can be one of the main reasons that you end up getting error messages when you are trying to run new FTP commands through your server.

- Support, when it comes to support Windows wins hands down, Linux can be slightly harder to find support for in regards to some of its technology. You will need specific things to run Linux, while Windows is more widely popular and therefore can run on a wider range of things.

- Reliability and security, Linux is better in regards to security, because Linux is not so widely used as Windows, and Windows is the main OS used on home PC’s, there are more viruses and malware that targets Windows. It is much more likely that a Windows Operating System will be hacked into than a Linux Operating System and this may be because hackers expend a lot of energy seeking flaws in the Windows system.

-Performance- Linux is frequently thought to be a better performing system most likely due to the fact that it is packaged efficiently. Linux plans are more specifically designed for their target customers. The flip side of that is that Windows provides an approach that is more one size fits all.

-Conversion- if you think that you might end up changing the OS that you use at some point in the future, there is no need to worry about using Linux web server initially because you will easily be able to convert the Linux hosting to work with Windows hosting. However, if you are currently using Windows for hosting and are planning a switch to Linux, you can expect to have your work cut out for you, as it is an incredibly difficult switch.

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