In general, reseller hosting is the type of hosting done by someone on behalf of web hosting companies. The account owner is normally allowed to use his or her hard drive space and bandwidth for hosting websites of other people.

The account owner acts as a marketer for the hosting company, earning some side income. It is common for web design companies and system integrators to buy reseller hosting services. Under normal circumstances, these firms include the web hosting service as a free service to promote their main businesses.

For those who are unaware of the meaning of reseller hosting, it refers to the hosting done by an account owner on behalf of third party web hosting companies. The account owner usually uses his or her hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites. In other words, he or she acts as a middle person for the web hosting company.

He or she can do so by using a simple control panel via web interface. Even the maintenance of the server is done by the web hosting company. Most of the hosting plans only cost a few US dollars per month.

It is simply a matter of pointing and clicking on the control panel. Due to the stiff competition among resellers, the profit made from reseller hosting is usually marginal. Much time, energy and money needs to be spent to get customers through advertisements and marketing.

However, this type of hosting offers a good opportunity for those who intend to set up their own web hosting companies. By venturing out as resellers initially, it is possible to gain the necessary experience and knowledge beforehand. Furthermore, there is a high possibility of creating a permanent customer base.

To put it briefly, reseller hosting offers a good alternative for making some side income through the internet for individuals. For companies or individuals having the main business of web development or such, this type of hosting is a good way to attract customers towards buying the main services.

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