Increasingly the best way to reach large numbers of people is through online marketing. You can get worldwide exposure with limitless reach for whatever company, product or service you’re promoting. The internet is the number one information and shopping resource for most people. When you want to launch your own website, you just need a domain name and website hosting provider. After that, your exposure is unlimited.

A domain name is the address people will type in to get to your website, or simply the address they will be taken to when they click a link to go to your site. You can purchase one from a domain name registrar, usually for just ten dollars or so. As far as business marketing costs go, it’s not bad at all.

The next thing to do is to get a web hosting service, also called an internet hosting service. This will store your images and web pages for you. Many hosting providers include domain registration services so you can get a domain name through them. They may also provide e-mailing services and other various advantages.

Among the different types of hosting services, shared services are quite popular. This type of hosting allows several sites to be hosted on one server. Each site has its own server space designated. The owners of the various websites all split the costs of hosting among themselves, so for people hosting smaller websites, it’s an attractive and cost-effective option.

Alternatively, you may prefer to pay a bit more and have increased control and more security. Particularly for large corporations with massive amounts of data to access through their sites, they add security measures such as firewalls with dedicated hosting services. These are providers that allow you to have a server of your very own without sharing it. You can also install software and hardware, choose your operating system, and control all the decisions regarding your site.

You may also want to make sure you get an e-mail hosting service. These are very common, as most providers are finding that people expect the e-mail feature. You’ll get a number of e-mail accounts that have the person’s name and company name. For instance, it may be employee name at company name dot com. The number of addresses depends on the plan you are offered.

Another type of service that has become popular lately is blog hosting. With hosting that has a pre-installed plan for blogs, you can have the software that’s already installed activated and that way you’ll have a blog on your website.

If you have a company that conducts sales activities online, you may want an e-commerce hosting plan. These plans often come with add-ons like a merchant account or shopping cart software. The various types of hosting services available are not even limited to the ones mentioned here. To make sure you get the provider that is best suited to your needs, be sure to think about the features and offerings you want and consider a number of different options.

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