If you want your business to succeed, then you have to make sure that your site or blog conforms to Panda rules. You can only remain in search marketing at Google or pursue it by taking this approach. In some strange way they are trying to be helpful about it in a lot of ways. They are only doing to more easily compete with other social media sites, which is something you have to remember. Google has overlooked a lot of things over the past few years but now they’ve decided to act.

You can most definitely have too many ads on a page and that will cause a penalty if they are excessive. As things progress, it appears that Google may react if you have too much above the fold. A site with too many advertisements on it can be considered the exact thing they are looking to get rid of, namely too much noise on websites. The section above the fold of a webpage is the most vital part of a site. That space needs to be clean and have an uncluttered look. Google keeps a close eye on your bounce rate, which can be negatively impacted by a cluttered site.

The core principle Google has focused on for many, many years is relevancy. As that term is concerned, it has only become more important and has to be taken care of. Take special precautions when it comes to the links in your blogroll or any links going to other, external sites. What you want to avoid is having external links, outgoing, that are to sites that are not relevant to yours. If you have a weight loss site, you shouldn’t set up a link to something in a completely different field. This one is very easy to keep under control, and if you have an established site, then you should check your external links.

For many years, backlinking has played an important part of any SEO tactics, but now Panda is more critical about how you do it. When it comes to your backlinks, you really want to have a wide variety of sources. Google searches for a natural pattern of organic back link growth, so be sure you factor this in when choosing your strategy. If possible, try to use some social media in your attempts too. But do not overdo any particular method with this. When you’ve done this, turn your focus to sites with higher PR or authority sites. But always remember to include a few sites with a Page Rank of zero in your efforts so it all looks natural.

With any luck, your site won’t need a complete rebuild just to make sure it’s Panda friendly. If huge changes are necessary, you really were skating on thin ice anyway. However, if you expect to see any improvement you just need to abide by what Google wants.

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