There are a few basic requirements for a web host to be useful. While advanced features like datatbase management and scripting are nice space and bandwidth management are key requirements.

When you are deciding upon hosting provider one of the key areas to assess is disk or web space. When thinking about hosting services, when we say ’space’ we mean how much data can be stored on the space given by any particular provider. You will find on average you will have 50MB to 1000MB of space, this can vary depending on how much you pay.

Generally, how much web space is needed is contingent upon how large and what kind of website is being hosted. The majority of websites consist of some flash animations and HTML text pages. Graphics and animation usually take up a lot more space than does text, which does not take up a lot of space at all. For example a small picture might take up 1 MB and five text pages might take up just 50 kb.

Webmasters have to balance their wants and desires with the reality of the budget they have to spend and the revenue they hope to draw in. A webmaster must consider both his own needs and the needs of his consumers as they visit his site.

The fundamental goal of website advertising is to get more people to the site, which results in more money. If visitors cannot download the site’s content quickly, they will not stay, and revenues will go down. A 30 KB webpage should only take 4 seconds to download, even when using a dial-up service, so this is the perfect size for web hosting. I would suggest that you should purchase a slightly larger package in order to provide additional space for when your business and website expand.

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