So you have finally decided to join the digital age and create a website for your small business. Congratulations! There are about 101 things you will need to know and figure out in order to transform your million dollar idea from a concept to reality. O.K. maybe you don’t need to know 101 things but there are some critical steps you need to take in order to get your website off the ground and actually noticed. There are three things you need to accomplish if this website “idea” is actually going to turn into something tangible, that consumers can actually utilize. These three steps are: (1) Select a Web Hosting service; (2) Design the Web Site and (3) Create a Search Engine Optimization program….don’t worry about the technical jargon it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

So what exactly is a web host and why is it so darn important to have one. A web host is simply a company that you pay a fee to every month or year to literally “host” your website on their server”, without these “hosters” there would be no place for the website to go and they would just remain in the abstract. Because selecting the right web hosting service for your company is so vital to what you need in creating your website it is extremely important that you sit down and compare the positives and negatives of each web hosting service that you are considering working with, all hosting firms are not created equal. The internet boom of a decade ago spawned literally hundreds of web hosting companies all looking to cash in on the exponential growth of the internet. As a direct result competition within this industry is nothing short of cut throat and that means only one thing for you-great deals are to be had. However, before you plunk down funds to start the hosting process make sure the firm you are going with has all the technology that you are going to need to operate your website effectively. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a look at how this firm rates in terms of customer satisfaction versus customer complaints, you are going to be working with these people up close and personal so it’s important they know how to treat their clientele.

Designing a website using templates is a relatively simple process and many companies that offer domain names also offer web design tools that are user friendly even for the novice. If you are unsure about creating your own website then you should probably consult a few web design companies. Usually they can create a nice website for you even if you are on a budget.

The third and final step is the creation of a “SEO” or a Search Engine Optimization program for your website. If you are looking for a company that does SEO Management then you most likely will want to find one that does both web design and SEO; ideally you would want to find a company that does all three hosting, SEO and design, however this can start running into some real money. When you are laying out the groundwork for your site, it is most often a good idea to have a SEO firm already staked out; this will lend some guidance to your web development and facilitate an easier process.

The goal of these three steps is to make your website more attractive and at the same time very “popular” on search engines such as Google. Just as in Real Estate is all about “Location, Location, Location”; you cannot reach your target audience is nobody knows your website exists; following these three steps can certainly assist you in getting noticed.

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