In the age of the internet, buying a domain name is like buying a future product brand name; a name that you’ll nurture to grow for your future business. No one can deny the importance of selecting memorable domain names. When looking to set up your own website it is important that you book your domain name only through Domain Name Registrar who has an ICANN Accreditation because an ICANN authorized registrar has direct access to the database of domain names and the ability to modify them.

The entire industry is regulated by ICANN which issues license to companies allowing them to operate as domain name registrars. As a registrar the company will be able to handle domain names, IP addresses as well as domain name extensions.

The fee has to be paid for every domain name that is registered through them. This amount is fixed for the registrar whereas the registrar has the freedom to determine the price at which the services will be made available to the public. Always select an ICANN accredited registrar who offers you maximum benefits as a secure domain name and comprehensive web hosting service forms the backbone of your online business venture.

ICANN Accreditation is an extensive process which requires expertise accompanied with the highest level of proficiency for successful completion of the process of accreditation. Now a days, there are ICANN accreditation Consultancies, which offer feasibility study services for the Accreditation Life Cycle. A Feasibility Study is conducted in order to determine whether an ICANN Accreditation is required for your current business scenario. They also help you in the application for accreditation, documentation, liasioning and OT&E Tests.

In addition to this, you will find many companies who offer you free domain name registration services when you acquire their web hosting services. However these free services have a limited time-frame which usually spans over one or two years. The other benefit of registering with an accredited registrar is the fact that you will know that you are dealing with a reputable company. This is important because the Internet is flooded by domain reselling companies which don’t have an ICANN Accreditation themselves but are simply agents for ICANN Accredited Registrars.

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