A lot of people think that there is really very little choice of what you can expect to receive when you purchase a web hosting package. Part of the confusion is because many people believe that every web host and every hosting product is pretty much the same. In fact, the opposite is true. There are several kinds of hosting packages and each package is designed to cater to a certain type of customer.

Package one – Shared Plans

Plans that are shared put the website on a server that is also hosting the websites of other clients. In addition to your site, some servers may host ten other websites. In a few instances, there could be a hundred or a thousand other sites on the server. Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting solution and is especially good for people that are just getting started and won’t have a lot of traffic right away.

* Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

A dedicated hosting plan offers customers a lot more flexibility than a shared hosting plan. You are able to determine the kind of scripts, software, and even operating system installed for the box. With a dedicated plan you are the only person using the server so have no worries of having to share server resources.

VPS Programs

If you are looking for a plan that combines the best of both worlds, giving you a flexible, dedicated solution on a budget, then a virtual private server or VPS is right for you. Separated in such a manner that your particular website shares processing space with other clients’ websites, the box makes room for all of the customers. However, the server is organized to provide an equal allocation of those resources for each client. This means that your site will not be affected by the resource needs of the other customers on the server.

* Reseller Hosting Packages

Reseller plans are meant for clients who want to distribute a particular company’s hosting services using their own company’s name. Distributing space on their server, a provider receives a monthly subscription fee for this offer. They can then resell this space in smaller sizes to customers of their own. This type of package will not be appropriate for most businesses outside the reseller industry.

Reliability, versatility, and customer support prove to be the most critical characteristics to contemplate when one is seeking out a host for websites. Many people will just go for the cheapest and then somewhere down the line realize they did not account for a number of factors such as growth or needed resources.

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