When I first started out with my online business, I was clueless about what was needed for my back office and how much time and effort were involved in setting up and managing it all effectively. When you are running an online business, there are some very basic tools that you need to get started.

First, it started with choosing and purchasing suitable domain name and web hosting. Easy enough right? Then, as I started getting more people to my site who were interested in my products and services, I needed an email auto responder in place so that I didn\’t spend all my time personally responding to each inquiry. Also, one that would help keep my messages from getting reported as spam.

As you may already know videos are very important in marketing . I would need an easy to use video producer system with unlimited video hosting to produce and share my videos online.

For training my clients and down line team members, I would need a web conferencing system in place. Preferably one that is user friendly and upgradeable as my business grows. Believe me…I spent a great deal of time setting up accounts and canceling accounts to find the best tools for the price.

Now, all this and more are available in one location at a great price. Initially I was spending over $200 per month to acquire all these back office tools from other sources. With Global Virtual Opportunities , I get all of these great systems and some easy to follow training on how to use these systems.

Now, with Global Virtual Opportunities , I get all of these great back office tools at a quarter of the price! Plus, access to GVO University\’s easy to follow tutorials and training classes. When you sign up with GVO, you will get an auto-responder (like aweber), unlimited video hosting, full lead capture and prospecting system, VoIP conference room (like Webex), live chat support, unlimited domain hosting and so much more.

Besides all the great tools and services you will get at such a great price, GVO is a webhost that you can make money with. You can use this system as an MLM opportunity with a great compensation plan, or you can make money by simply referring people to buy this valuable all inclusive system. You will be part of a team of people who are dedicated to helping you succeed with your online business.

http://www.GVOstore.info Get an Autoresponder and complete web hosting that will not only save you money, you can also make money. Find out for yourself how Scotty Beckett and other are using http://www.GVOstore.info to get high quality tools & services for a fraction of the cost of other programs and services.

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