Domain names and web hosting can be bought separately and together as well. Some companies offer a variety of packages that include both. A domain name is simply a web address that you choose. This will be your URL that people type into their web browsers in order to get to your site. And web hosting is done by a web host who keeps your website so that it can be presented to internet users. It provides you with the connectivity, storage and space that you need to create your own little space in the web.

Firstly, while buying a domain name you need to keep in mind that the name of your domain should be very simple and easy to remember. It should be something which matches your business profile. You should also try to buy the common extensions such as .com or .net although it is a bit expensive than other extensions. It can be easily recalled by people. There are companies which offer low rates for all types of extensions, and you can obtain lots of freebies with each domain registration too.

You can buy domain names and web hosting or email hosting together. But first check out that whether buying separately will be a cheaper option. Sometimes a domain registration company also provides free web hosting and email hosting facility. For your convenience, you can also check with your internet service provider to see if it provides any type of hosting plans.

For small businesses a shared hosting plan is the ideal choice.This means that your website will have to share things like bandwidth and space with other webmasters. But there is no need to worry because the amount of traffic to your site would not be that huge. You should also make sure that while buying domain names and web hosting you get 24/7 FTP access. So that you can register, create, and maintain your website easily.

The cost of Domain names, domain registration, web hosting and email hosting will depend on the type of plan you take. But if you keep the above details in your mind you will always get a good deal.

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