Even kids know how to build websites. Instead of charging you money for server space, some companies are allowing you to use space for free-if you agree to include the company name in your domain name. Give that some thought. Companyname.theirchosenname.com is a pretty common URL these days isn’t it? If you are serious about the project that you are putting together you will want to bite the bullet and pay for some web hosting. Getting hosting for your project is the best way to keep your options open. Every company that provides hosting is unique! You should not take the decision to buy hosting lightly. Here are some ways to make your choice easier.

Choosing a package deal can make a lot of sense. Before you buy hosting, you usually have to buy a domain name so the hosting has something to point to. Some online providers offer users both domain name registration as well as site hosting. GoDaddy is just one company that provides you with “all in one” access to things like hosting, domain name registration, site building, etc. When you use a single company for your whole project you can cut down on your stress level by quite a lot! No matter what problems arise, you’ll only have to look to one company to solve them. If you get each of your web development services through a different provider, finding a solution to problems when they arise is far more complicated than it would be if you got everything through a single company.

Check out all of the ways that a company provides customer service. Make sure that your potential hosting provider has live customer service reps that you can speak with. Call the number provided by the company and see what the customers service agents are like. These people need to be well versed in company policy and technical assistance and need to be able to help you even if you ask them about extremely obscure web hosting subjects. If you are sent from person to person without getting any real help, you should choose another hosting company. If the call goes badly, call back in a day or two to double check the level of customer service because it is possible that your agent was simply having a terrible day. Live chat is also an option that many companies offer. The live chat feature is excellent for web builders who are not big fans of talking on the phone. Do not trust a company that does not use live agents in some form for their customer service department.

Ask your friends and fellow site builders which hosting companies they use. Reviews on forums and official websites can easily be doctored-the best source of non solicited advice is your site developer friends! Most web builders and developers are more than happy to share their hosting preferences for people who need help making a decision. You might even be offered server space on the site developer’s account to help you get started with your project while you figure out which hosting company is best for you. Subletting server space is quite common in the web development world. The easiest way to get a good deal on sublet server space is to buy that space from someone you already know and trust.

You have many different ways of deciding whether or not to do business with a specific web hosting company. All it takes is a small amount of research and you’ll have plenty of options available to you. Make sure that you do some deep investigation into any company you are considering using for hosting. Being too careful isn’t possible!

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