Every online business eventually needs to figure out where to host their website. Even though it might be tempting to try to host your own website, running a server can be very labor intensive and should not be attempted unless you are very technical. For this reason, most web businesses tend to host their websites at web hosting companies. On this page, I will be discussing some of the criteria I use for selecting top web hosting services.

Not too long ago, web hosting prices were much higher than they are today. Fortunately, prices have gone down quite a bit, in part because of technological advancments and the fact that there are numerous hosts nowadays. Because web hosting is so affordable these days, you should not use price as a deciding factor in selecting a host. Chances are, you will only save a few dollars a month by choosing the cheapest host you can find, and you may be sacrificing quality.

A lot of web hosts today offer hosting plans that have no restrictions on bandwidth or disk space used. While having no restrictions sounds nice, chances are, you won’t need much space or bandwidth for your site unless you have a really major site. In most cases, I believe the majority of businesses need not worry too much about bandwidth and disk space when selecting a host.

What then, should you look for in a host? In my opinion, two things are the most important.

First of all, find a host with excellent technical support. When things go wrong, and they inevitably do with web businesses, you want a technical support team you can rely on 24/7. It is especially important that the technical support staff is competent and capable of dealing with complex issues quickly.

A second feature I find important is a quality control panel that is intuitive and easy to use. The majority of hosts now allow you to do a lot of things with your account, like operate multiple domains and add shopping carts or blogs. Nevertheless, setting up such features can be a headache unless you have a good control panel. Most hosts will allow you to look at “demo” control panels and it is definitely worth it to spend a few minutes making sure that the control panel is easy to use. For more information on looking for top web hosting services, consider visiting web hosting review sites.

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