Planning to start a website for a small business? Well then you need to know a few things. The first thing is getting a Domain name for your website, then you have to go in for domain registration and finally you have to go for web hosting and email hosting.

So, let us first understand the steps involved in these processes. Firstly how should you decide a domain name from the thousands of domain names. While choosing a domain name, you should first consider exactly what your website is for.If you want people to easily locate and remember your domain name it should be apt and simple. You may want to put your business name in, if it is for your business. You can use your personal name for a personal website. But if your site is about something specific, for example庸ood, you may want to choose something that is related to that– like “”. You then simply request the availability of your domain name.

Once you decide on a domain name , you will need to go to a Domain registration site. There, you will simply type in your request, and you will be provided with a list of choices, options, and the availability of the domain name. You have to choose from this list, which is very easy to do and is a very simple process. There are a number of Domain Registration sites. You opt for a company that appeals the best value and flexibility with its packages.

The last process is of Web Hosting and Email Hosting. It is needed to connect your website with the World Wide Web. The Web hosting and email hosting plan provides you with unlimited disk space, Data Transfer and Email Accounts. There are many companies which provide Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Email Hosting Facility. It is upto you to research and compare their services.

As a Fresher in this internet marketing field you need to do your homework very well. Doing a thorough research on the options available to you is very crucial. Domain Names, Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Email Hosting facilities are provided by many companies. It is upto you to choose the best one that suits your needs and your budget.

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