The Intro

I was observing the news the other day and the statistic that was flashing on the television screen was nothing less than scary. It said 66% of kids in United States grade eight classes could not carry out math. 66%! Right after I let the news “sink in”, I started to ask myself questions such as “why is this occurring”, then the bigger question, “just what can most people possibly do regarding it”? I have thought about these concerns before, but it really seems that the solution, one revolving about mathematics comic strips, is more important now than it has ever been.

Competitive With The Entire World

With the turn of the century, we’re turning into ever more a global economy. Kids no longer contend with the child in the desk alongside them, but with the children in a classroom on the other side of the world. They will need to be educated in both reading as well as for sure “math understanding”, so that they can be competitive and thus land the fantastic employment opportunities of the future. Inside South Korea they handle those that educate their kids just like “rock and roll megastars”. We all should place this identical amount of value on our educators within north america.

A Great Number Of Choices

Years ago, when youngsters wanted to have fun they had limited possibilities. They could possibly play athletics, or perhaps have fun with games, or perhaps study textbooks. Enter into this kind of situation the fearless new world of the Twenty-first century. A world brimming with incredible improvements such as cable tv with a “gazillion” stations, video-on-demand, and also 24-hour online gaming. Where out there does study and schoolwork fall? Regrettably, more often than not, off the list…

Your Comic Book Approach

How can we get our young children to complete their own assignments inside of a society brimming with entertainment and also other distractions? By making the mastering of math pleasurable, that is certainly the way! Once we put together a thing enjoyable for any youngster, then the rest is going to be downhill as they declare. This is where the time-proven format of the comic book enters into the situation. Although comics have been around for years, they’ve more often than not been utilized to entertain, not really educate. That does not mean that we can’t adjust this in the foreseeable future…

As A Result

At ” math comic strips ” we’ve constructed a web site that’s focused primarily on the goal of assisting math competencies to young children. We are carrying this out by way of creating comics having a “super hero” concept. Now even though our own “superhero” isn’t “super”, but an ordinary person, he has developed some excellent math capabilities by just understanding and doing his homework over the years. He will be able to utilize these competencies for the enhancement of mankind, not only solving conditions, but offenses too. We are intending that our “superhero” inspires young ones of all ages to be a great deal more adept in math…

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