Do you think you can rely on any of the many comparison sites for web hosting? To tell you the truth I am unsure. The truth is however if you follow some helpful research guides that can be found online, the process of choosing the best web host for you can only get easier. You may also find some real independent reviews helpful when looking for a web host. The following is a list of the best 5 hosting comparison, rating and review sites available right now.

We feel this is the number one site because it offers up to date, trustworthy reviews about the best services. On this site you will not only have access to reviews, but you can take part in discussions and listen to peoples advice for all aspects of web hosting, such as dedicated servers, buisness web hosting, ecommerce systems and other timely news relating to all things web hosting.

You can also see a list of the top 10 web hosting providers for under $10 a month. Although it is worth noting that I have not looked into these lists personally and so can not vouch for their reliability. With these hosting plans you will get a free domain name as well as a money back guarantee of 30 days or so.

You can get advice and news on professional webhosting developments through this review site.

On top of this, is a fantastic community that is comprised of people that truly care about web hosting and related services and technologies and will allow people to offer articles or comment on various trends.

This is one of the most professional hosting review sites, as it offers a free guide that reviews the best hosting alternatives out there. The web hosts have been picked by the editors and then they are given an exhaustive review that evaluates the overall hosting experience.

On the other hand, you might not find the most highly rated webhosting sites through this website, despite the quality of their information. Conversely, you might not even match a face to a web hosting provider there.

Completely independent reviews of web hosting providers is rare, though, as there is usually some bias involved or corporate interference. As a result, do not use just these independent reviews as the main criteria to pick the hosting provider that you want.

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