One of the very important decisions that will need to be made by any new entry in the web hosting platform area will be which of the technologies they want the server to be on. The two most popular choices are Windows and Linux web servers.

Control panel and FTP commands – Linux and Windows servers provide support to these equally well, but some of the FTP command have slight variations in each operating system as the FTP programs are often designed with either Windows or Linux in mind. This could be the reason for some error messages you may encounter when attempting to run certain FTP commands on each server.

* Support – compared to Windows, Linux has limited support for some of their technology which proved to be expensive and limited at times. Linux is designed with a certain set of tech in mind each time where as Windows is designed to have generic appeal.

-Security and reliability- Windows is a platform that is used extensively in home computing uses and some of the security features that come with it are simply not as technologically advanced as those that are offered with the Linux platform which is more commonly used by system engineers and developers. It is much more likely that a Windows Operating System will be hacked into than a Linux Operating System and this may be because hackers expend a lot of energy seeking flaws in the Windows system.

-Performance- Linux is generally thought to be a slightly better performing system primarily due to the manner in which the Linux server is packaged. Linux plans are usually tailored specifically to work with a target customer in mind. But Windows goes with a more populist approach, with their one size fits all package for their general users.

-Conversion- this is an area that should be heavily considered when thinking about what operating system may offer the most for you because you will pretty easily be able to convert your system from Linux to Windows if you decide to go with the former initially but change your mind. Whereas if you upgrade from Windows to Linux you can expect some difficulty during the conversion process.

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