An important thing to consider is if web hosting comparison sites are reliable or not. I am not sure. But, as you attempt to choose a trustworthy service that provides web hosting, the key is to locate a few helpful reviews meant to assist in the selection of the most appropriate web host for business and personal sites. You may also find some real independent reviews helpful when looking for a web host. The following is a list of the best 5 hosting comparison, rating and review sites available right now.


This is usually considered the best hosting reviews site because it will allow you to look at relevant reviews about the services you are researching. At this site you will be able to find, advice, discussion, and reviews of the web hosting services you are looking at and what news is available about them as well as getting advice on business web hosting, dedicated server hosting, e-commerce systems, hosting industry related news, and provider reviews.

You will be able to find supposedly independent reviews (though who can really say if they are reliable or not) that discuss the 10 best web hosting providers that offer hosting services for $10/month or less. Coming with a full thirty day money back refund policy, each hosting plan mentioned in these reviews includes minimally one free domain name.

This site is an industry-specific place to find webhosting news items, facts and various types of relevant material.

Additionaly, the is an online aggregation of individuals interested in webhosting and ancillary services, and which gives readers the opportunity to submit articles for comment and review.

As the most professional hosting review sites, provides a free guide reviewing the best web hosting providers. Each web host is hand picked, tested and given an in-depth review insuring the webmaster the best overall hosting experience.

Such sites for web hosting which are contained below are not necessarily the best rated in the segment, even though you will likely glean a bit of helpful info. there. There are many web hosting providers found on this site that are not well known in the slightest.

In truth it is not easy to seek out really independent reviews for web hosting services online. So, make sure to take the “independent” reviews with a grain of salt and only use them as one basis for your ultimate decision.

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