Which web hosting platform does she or he wish her or his server to be located on proves to be among the most complicated choices that any novice will have to make. The two platforms you really get to choose from are either Windows or Linux.

-FTP commands and control panel- These considerations are represented well by both the Linux and the Windows platforms, but there are differences between the FTP commands in the operating systems because different FTP programs will usually be designed anticipating use with a particular operating system. This is one of the common reasons for error messages that seemingly spring from nowhere when you are trying to run FTP commands on the server.

- Support, when it comes to support Windows wins hands down, Linux can be slightly harder to find support for in regards to some of its technology. Linux is running on much specific technologies as compared to Windows which is much more generic.

Security and reliability – Often times the security features in Windows are not as superior as those used for Linux due to the fact that Windows is for the majority used for home PC, whereas Linux is mostly directed towards system engineers and developers. Linux Operating System is much less likely to be hacked successfully since the hackers know all too well that its defenses are better, while Windows Operating Systems are much more likely to be successfully hacked as the miscreants are on the lookout for the common flaws in these heavily used systems.

* Performance – Linux has been reported to be of high performance mainly due to the way Linux servers are packaged. Linux plans are more specifically designed for their target customers. Windows usually operates in a different manner and prefers to offer a one size fits all approach with a more generalized set of tools.

* Conversion – possessing a Linux web server today is alright, in particular if you plan to switch over your Operating System in the near future, since your conversion will prove to be simple and smooth in getting your website changed over to Windows hosting from Linux hosting. On the contrary, it is indeed a nightmare for anyone who wished to convert their website from Windows hosting to Linux hosting.

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