If you have been operating on the internet for any great amount of time, by now you must have run into one of these “reviews” of web hosting services that reads just like it is off someone’s sales page. This isn’t a review at all, you could have found all that out by reading the web host’s sales pitch.

How To Find Real Reviews

Even though you want to find the web host with the best features and lowest price, you really have to look for testimonials from actual customers who use the service, so you can find out how well the service works, the quality of their customer service, and so on.

Help Desk Systems Are Not All Alike

How does their customer service work – do you just exchange emails with a specialist, or fill out a ticket and see if they can address that particular question? Spam filters could make your emails disappear without ever having been read. It is also very easy to get buried in a long list of cc’s and bcc’s when there are extensive email chains that are making their way around the tech support area.

Have Pre-Sale Questions Ready

If you are not satisfied with the comments that you can find about the company, make a list of things you want to know about the company and contact them about your issues. Phone calls will be the most direct way of contacting the company, but you could also fire off an email or use their ticket system, if they have one, because then you will have written proof of their response if you need this later on. What’s more, you can find out the speed of their ticket system.

Only Go For Money Back Guarantee

You will find plenty of hosting companies offering guarantees of some kind, but watch out for those that are not actually full money back guarantees. Make sure you understand the guarantee before you sign up. Always be careful if you have seen indications of complaints about communications with the billing department of the company that were never answered or instances of unjustly denied refunds or “checks in the mail” nonsense.

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