You are likely frustrated with false reviews that say that they are in depth and impartial, but they basically amount to just naming off the features of the service. You learn absolutely nothing new from that review, and you are back at square one, not knowing what service to go with.

Find Impartial Reviews of Web Hosting

Looking into the features and cost of a web host is important, sure, but what you really need to find out from a review is the experience other people have had with that individual web host, how is their customer support, their technical support or their accounts department.

There Are So Many Different Help Desk Systems

Do you simply have to email somebody and hope for a response, or do you get a help ticket system where you can get quick updates on your issue? Simply sending emails is a inefficient way to maintain a help desk. You never know if your question reaches the right people, it all becomes quite confusing forwarding emails within a company.

Write Down Any Pre-Sale Questions You Have

If you are not satisfied with the comments that you can find about the company, make a list of things you want to know about the company and contact them about your issues. Phone calls will be the most direct way of contacting the company, but you could also fire off an email or use their ticket system, if they have one, because then you will have written proof of their response if you need this later on. This will also be a good way for you to gauge how quickly they respond to inquiries.

Only Go For Money Back Guarantee

You can find 30 day guarantees with many web hosting providers, but they might not be 100% money back. Look at the guarantee before making any kind of commitment. Look out particularly for companies who have testimonials listing problems with unanswered questions about billing, or no receiving refund checks, or getting stalling tactics when getting money back.

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