There is a whole list of things that you must think about. It is possible to keep the loss of visitors to your website to a minimum when you transition to a new web hosting company, if you take some critical steps.

If there are logs or statistics counters available from your web server, scrutinize that information to extract the sources that link visitors to your site. Once changed, you may keep revisiting these sites to see if they are still referring to your previous web address.

If they are, you can write the webmaster and request that he make your URL information current. If you have submitted your URL to online directories in the past, it will be necessary to return to each and update them. Search the major engines and look for links to your previous URL and manually return to each one to do an update.

However, you must realize that you will lose some people in the transition. It will be impossible to reach the webmasters of some websites, so your old URL will continue to be shown on those sites and people will be directed to your previous site.

Not only having to bring your URL up to date on the websites of third parties, it is obvious that you will still want to place a page for redirection to direct your visitors to your new site. This could be a page that simply provides a link to the new website, asking guests to click and visit the new link. Alot of users of the Internet will not take the time to follow links, which is this approach’s dilemma. If your site is not instantly visible, they may just push the back button and go to another website.

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