Why we require a Website?
There are still so many people which may think why they should require a website for their business. If they don’t have their website its mean they don’t have any business. If you’re running a business than you should have a website to showcase your products & services. There are so many reasons why everyone should have a website:
1. Promote your company: Website is a medium by which you can promote your company and build the trust.

2. Promote your Products & Services: Website is a perfect medium to showcase all your products and services that you are offering.

3. Promote your identity: Website is a medium by which you can promote yourself and build the trust in people to buy your products and services.

4. Promote your thoughts: Website is a medium by which we can promote our thoughts and eventually we can sell our thoughts in order to promote someone else business.

5. Connect with people: Through website you can connect to any number of people in this world.

6. Cost Saving: Website is a cheapest media by which we can reach a large number of audience in this world. There is only one time setup cost after that nothing.

7. Time Saving: Once you created your well designed website after that just sit and let your website work for you.

8. Know your Competitors: Web is platform on which you can easily see what your competitors are doing you can do much better than them.

9. FAQs: You can set up a separate web page for frequently asked question so that your customer knows all about your products & services.

10. Global: Website allow you to reach people across this world.

11. Reach specify market: You can target a particular market to showcase or to sell your products and services.

12. Feedback from Customer: You can easily receive feedback from you customer about your products & services.

13. Update Product Information: You can easily update all information related to your products or services in your website.

14. Product Training: You can easily provide training to all your customers related to all your products and services.

15. Recruitment: You can easily recruit people to join your organization.

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