There are no guarantees about up-time. You can’t expect any guarantee of up-time with a free service. A free service provider may just go offline to perform maintenance without telling you. This can cause major problems for you if you rely on your website to generate revenue. You won’t make any sales if your site isn’t online. Who will make this cost up to you?

The features are few. There is not a lot of reason for a free web hosting provider to upgrade software and hardware. Because of this, you will probably find that there are not enough features. If you choose a paid hosting option, you will probably have complete access to a control panel that is quite easy to use. If you use a free hosting account, you will only have basic features to work with when creating and adding to your pages.

There is no support. A good web hosting company will offer support. This is very important. There should be a person you can contact when you have problems with your website. This is usually accomplished by submitting a report ticket. This should get you some help within twenty-four hours. A good company will provide live chat so that you can get personal help immediately. Because they are not charging for services, a free hosting service will find it difficult to provide support services. You will just be able to send an e-mail if something goes awry. However, it is likely that your e-mail will not be answered.

The server environment is shared and unstable. Hundreds of free users abuse the free services. As soon as these abusive users get their free accounts, they start loading up multiple sites. These sites may gobble up the limited resources of the free web hosting service. That’s why free hosting services may go on and offline with some frequency. This causes the servers to overload.

There is no warning for the shut down. This could be a real nightmare for you. Naturally, the free web hosting providers will soon realize that offering free hosting is not beneficial to them. This leads them to either totally shut down their servers or start charging for their services. It is normal for them to alert users to a shut down so that files can be removed quickly. If you did not see the email, though, then you might as well have gotten no warning at all! If you want to run a serious online business, you won’t want to use a free web hosting provider. It is better to have a paid hosting account that you share, than a free one. You can get a shared hosting account for only $10 monthly. Anyone can afford that! Even a student! You can get coupons from review sites that will give you good discounts with web hosts. An online coupon is rather like a password. All you have to do is cut and paste the coupons when you are signing up for your new site. Then you will enjoy a significant savings. Use a coupon and save 20 or 30 percent. There isn’t any service commitment with free web hosting, so it is naturally unstable. It really isn’t so expensive to host your website with a top web hosting company.

Stephen Grisham, Sr. is a copy writer for InfoServe Media, LLC. InfoServe Media is a web designer and web hosting company. If you would rather make a Do-It-Yourself website, InfoServe Media also offers a way to create a site yourself with a very powerful and easy to use site builder. They also provide domain registration, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

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