Reseller Hosting is a generic term that applies to several different kinds of Web Hosting. This term is not used to define the type of Web Hosting, but more to define the type of person providing the service.

A Hosting Reseller purchases a larger Web Hosting account from a Web Hosting company, and in turn sells portions of their account to their own customers. They are essentially providing the services of a Web Hosting company, without having to set up and finance the expensive hardware and the maintenance of it themselves. Reseller Hosting is growing in popularity among website design firms that want to offer hosting to their clients, new web hosting businesses that are trying to get one foot in the door, or companies with a number of websites.

A Reseller Host may offer deals on Shared, Dedicated or VPS space (this is further discussed in part 2.) The clients of a Reseller Host benefit by being able to purchase web space at a lower cost. The primary downfall of purchasing hosting from a reseller is the fact that your hosting company is beholden to the company which actually provides the hosting space. If you purchase an advanced hosting solution, it becomes more likely that a reseller can support your issues directly, though most issues which arise when hosting through a reseller need to be reported to the original hosting company by your reseller, even after you report it to them.

Someone may find Reseller Hosting most beneficial from a selling aspect, in order to expand their business to a sizable portfolio of websites. If these two activities aren’t something you plan on pursuing, shared hosting is the best option for you, since it provides more options and versatility, as well as a relatively inexpensive cost.

But as of right now, Dave believes he is content with just one site, as he wants to maintain control of his website. His site is receiving a lot of visitors and he wants to change the site up a bit.

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