There are numerous domain name extensions out there such as .com. ,net, .biz and so forth. Each nation has its way of distinguishing domain names that belong to individuals and businesses, like .au for Australia and .uk for the UK. Canadians can distinguish themselves by way of registering their website name as .ca, which means the site is from Canada.

When your domain extension is .ca this distinguishes you as a proud Canadian to everyone in the world that goes to your site. It also provides you with the opportunity to register a domain name that’s very popular in .com circles, adds professionalism and reliability to your site and raises its trust-factor. You do have to be a citizen of Canada in order to register your name and site in this manner, giving you an advantage over the rest of the world.

Along with registering the domain name as .ca, you also have an email that shows you are Canadian. Any time others contact you there is no doubt concerning the part of the world in which you live so when they place an order they do know where it will be coming from. For Canadians, this can be a benefit simply because they understand that when they order from your company they are not subject to fees charged for products delivered over the border.

It’s comparatively cheap to register as a Canadian site and you avoid paying exchange rates on the dollar that you have to deal with if you register with hosting services from other countries. You will have all of the assistance that you’ll require and also have a contact number in case problems develop, so you don’t have to worry that you will be left all on your own.

The number of domains being registered is growing every day, as more and more Canadian website owners realize the importance of having their own .ca domain. It not just shows people that your site is professional as well as reliable, it also informs them you are a proud Canadian.

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