Web hosting is vital and a important necessity, if you intend to build your business website. Whether or not you intend to have a number of sites for setting up your internet business or even a single internet site for marketing or even personal purposes, a great web hosting service is obligatory, without which you cannot succeed. Generally, there are two different kinds of platforms which most web hosting providers will offer.

Different types of web-hosting platforms:

Windows Server Operating System

Linux or Unix Operating System

The success of any website would rely largely on the time span your web-site is live and functioning, which is generally called uptime. The uptime and speed of your website would depend a lot on the type of web hosting you have selected. For the most part, consumers commit this common mistake of getting the lowest priced offered web hosting services, while not giving much importance towards the level of quality and performance of services being offered. With the ability to smartly choose the ideal one among the various web hosting services, it really is essential for you to acquaint yourself with options that come with almost all of them.

Different types of Web Hosting Plans are as follows:

The most popular types of web hosting services are: Shared web hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Servers, Co-location Server Hosting, Managed Web Hosting, Exchange Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Server, Business Email Hosting and Grid Hosting. Let us jump into the facts of some of the most reliable and popular web hosting services.

Dedicated Servers: It is one of the most reliable, unfailing and constant types of web hosting servers. By leasing a dedicated server, the proprietor of the website can enjoy complete control with the settings and mechanisms of the server and the website. The owner has control and authority on choosing the types of hardware, software programs, operating systems and configuration of connections to be utilized. Sites which are very popular and attracts tremendous traffic should ideally be hosted on dedicated servers for boosting the uptime.

Reseller Hosting: As the name implies, reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which one person buys web hosting from a specific hosting company at discounted prices and resells it to the third party. Reller hosting has their bandwidth and hard drive disk space already allocated. Reseller Hosting is simply set up and easy to manage customer accounts via a web interface. This allows businesses such as web designers to offer their clients an inexpensive hosting package. Or to offer it at a low rate to earn extra money through selling their branded service.

VPS Hosting: VPS or Virtual Private Server is an cost-effective, flexible, and well proven hosting service which is suitable for any type of site. VPS Hosting is more for people whom want options more state-of-the-art and innovative than a shared hosting account. It can include all the features provided by a dedicated server, but can also include many other features. VPS hosting, permits its users to configure settings for various hardware and applications running on their server. It is cost effective, and secure.

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