Reseller Host is something of an umbrella term that could refer to a variety of different types of Web Hosts. It’s more about the type of people who are offering the hosting, more than the actual features of the web hosting itself.

What a Reseller Host does is purchase a large account from a particular Web Host company and then sells off space on that account to clients. They basically serve the same purpose as a Web Host, but they can offer you space at a significantly lower cost and take care of the basic maintenance. Reseller Hosting is growing in popularity among website design firms that want to offer hosting to their clients, new web hosting businesses that are trying to get one foot in the door, or companies with a number of websites.

Hosting resellers might offer dedicated solutions, VPS, or shared hosting, as described in part two. Because web hosting resellers tend to buy their own hosting an discounted prices, these savings are often passed along to their own customers. The primary downfall of purchasing hosting from a reseller is the fact that your hosting company is beholden to the company which actually provides the hosting space. If you purchase an advanced hosting solution, it becomes more likely that a reseller can support your issues directly, though most issues which arise when hosting through a reseller need to be reported to the original hosting company by your reseller, even after you report it to them.

Essentially, reseller hosting becomes useful if you are interested in providing web hosting to others, or growing your own business by developing a collection of websites. If these two activities aren’t something you plan on pursuing, shared hosting is the best option for you, since it provides more options and versatility, as well as a relatively inexpensive cost.

But as of right now, Dave believes he is content with just one site, as he wants to maintain control of his website. His site is receiving a lot of visitors and he wants to change the site up a bit.

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