Can you trust web hosting comparison sites? I really do not know. The truth is however if you follow some helpful research guides that can be found online, the process of choosing the best web host for you can only get easier. Besides, you can also choose your hosting service following these real independent reviews of the best webhosting providers. Here are the Top 5 hosting comparison sites that offer reviews and ratings (usually this is named “Top 10 Web Hosting” comparison sites):

This it the best hosting review sites because you can gain reliable and timely review about how to choose better service. On this site you will not only have access to reviews, but you can take part in discussions and listen to peoples advice for all aspects of web hosting, such as dedicated servers, buisness web hosting, ecommerce systems and other timely news relating to all things web hosting.

There, you can find independent reviews (I am not sure if it really reliable) of the top 10 web hosting providers who offer affordable hosting services for less than $10/month. Coming with a full thirty day money back refund policy, each hosting plan mentioned in these reviews includes minimally one free domain name.

This review site will give you great tips, keep you up to date with any related information and will offer you professional grade web hosting news.

Additionaly, the is an online aggregation of individuals interested in webhosting and ancillary services, and which gives readers the opportunity to submit articles for comment and review.

Considered the best respected hosting review site in the industry, offers no-cost reviews of the most effective web hosting service providers. All of the featured companies are individually selected, tried, and provided with a detailed review in order to help readers and webmasters identify the best hosting provider available.

On the other hand, you might not find the most highly rated webhosting sites through this website, despite the quality of their information. There are many providers that are discussed on that are really not worth dealing with.

It is incredibly difficult to find independent reviews of web hosting services when you are searching for them on the Internet. You should rely on your own instincts and take these reviews which may or may not be independent with the proverbial grain of salt.

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