Paying for a web hosting service permits a website owner to take advantage of a lot of several features that can never be given by any of the free hosting companies. This idea may be known to some that the real issue is when they have eventually fallen on the wrong host provider. When you have already took that wrong decision, it is not really essential to show self pity on yourself since we all do commit mistakes and eventually we learn from them.

The listings below are the most common aspects that should be taken note of, and which may serve evidences that your current web host provider is trying to hide something that is not really legal. Why only six? Because, from the moment you learn that your host is not really that credible enough, or not legally existing, you may burse into rage like you’re in the middle of digital hell, hence, 6 is the number of the devil.

6) Sharing Rental Costs – Some web hosting companies offer the shared renting of a particular server which is one of the possible cost measures available to you upon signing up for their services. Such alternative can be proven beneficial especially when you just starting out with a relatively new site where bandwidth is not yet an issue. The sharing of two or more accounts in a given server is the main idea behind shared hosting. Different websites may run on different servers but nonetheless, their general appearance when published over the internet is basically the same manner as that of the other.

Shared hosting does that necessarily mean that you share your time exposure or up-time with the rest of the accounts on that server, its concern is on cost not the broadcast time. So when your web host tells you that all the accounts on the server shall have a proportionately equal time that shall be allotted, then you should always be on the go. Basically, when you are in a shared hosting type of service, you should never experience a round robin type of broadcasting your site. Your site should be always available on the internet every time.

5) Outsourcing: Poor English Grammar – Today, businesses are now inclined to getting the services of laborers outside of their country mainly, from the developing countries who has a bit lower prices in terms of labor costs. Thus, they are able to get the job done with the results expected and gained at a cheaper cost. Also they claim of providing jobs for the less fortunate.

When requesting replies from the company’s support personnel, we can probably get answers that are not well written grammatically, even for the most experts in speaking English could at times hard a hard time expressing his thoughts through the use of words. In our best interest to capture the idea of the answers that we get, we just read along and find for some possible clues.

In most cases of probability, we often get e-mails, notices, letters from the respective personnel of the hosting company either in billing or collections, customer support, or technical support wherein such e-mail or notice have been poorly written. We don’t really want to receive such notifications that we barely could understand, those which are seemingly translated from an internet site or program that does not give importance to its grammatical correctness. As a client, you have to be accorded of quality service at all times most especially when you are requesting for aid and assistance.

Really, you can only take so much so if you find you find your web host’s written communication as difficult to read as a poorly transcribed copy of Tolstoy, it’s time to move on.

4) Your Web Host Goes REALLY Green – While the global movement to reduce carbon footprints and conserve energy in an effort to salvage the environment is certainly a good one, certain individuals may take the concept a bit too far. Plenty of hosting companies are “going green”, among them some of the most reputable in the business, but like any concept there are those who will get squirrelly and try to leverage the charitable idea for their own ends.

With the above stated facts, you may start worrying when eventually your host provider would be announcing a time limit on your up-time because they are trying to save on energy. For example, the company announces just a 70% uptime for a certain number of days perhaps. Their intentions may be good but it should not be done at the expense of their services to their clients. Your website has nothing to do with their advocacy, so they should keep it running the whole time.

Stay away from this level of extremism or your profits are going to end up dipping into the red, despite how “green” you may feel.

3) Your Hosting Company’s President Looks Like a Guy You Saw in the Post Office Once – Google remains one of the strongest tools for background checking that we have access to today. Since it’s free, plenty of people do a little research on people they meet as they go through life, especially if they are conducting business with that person. It’s natural so you don’t need to blush too hard if this describes you.

When you put the president of your hosting company’s name into Google and the top result is an entry on The Smoking Gun, you may have a problem on your hands. Don’t be fooled, money laundering is not about sanitizing cash. Pyramid schemes are not rare, historic, architectural blueprints. Racketeering is not a sport. Extortion has nothing to do with being able to twist your body into unique shapes. Pay attention to who you do business with because a lower price is not always the best way to go, especially if you’re paying into the pockets of the same guy you saw as an “artist’s rendering” on a flier at the Post Office.

2) Atypical Requests – When you sign up for a web hosting company, it’s definitely a good idea to be on friendly terms with your provider, but sometimes things can get a little too, well, intimate. While you do want to be personable with those whom you conduct business with, it’s a smart idea to keep things on a professional level. Customer feedback is one thing, but if your host asks for unusual favors, you shouldn’t feel you have to oblige.

In the event that your web hosting providers e-mails you a lengthy, ornate letter requesting you intervene in family matters, stay skeptical. Just because their terminally ill uncle who happens to be a wealthy political official in Nigeria has told them he will give you a cut of the several million dollars he needs wired to your bank account, does not mean this is true. In fact, obliging this particular request may result in federal interest in your financial activities. Even though you may have the best of intentions, it’s better not to bail out individuals in little known countries whom you don’t have a personal relationship. After all, oil tycoons rarely ask for the assistance of unknown parties when they need to convert their local currency into dollars.

1) Web Host Company Management by the “Family” – In any uncertain point, your web host provider might announce that there will be a new management of the company like in the case of businesses that are being sold from one owner to another; this is not really an alarming situation as what can be imagines. The problem may arise when the new management eventually changes some or most of the terms of your original agreement or contract. At times, you may find the new management style as unbearable therefore you shift to another company.

One possible process change that would arise as a result of the change is on sending of payments. You may be asked to send your payments to another person in this case. But in the event you see some inconsistencies with regard to the name, the address and the details of the new payee, then it may suggest that they are just making a fool out of you. In these financially hard times, watching over those business transactions of yours is very much necessary.

Always be vigilant on your transactions with other people. Most of the web-hosting companies are genuinely legal but there are the illegitimates too. And in case you have decided to move out of that company, be sure that you have fully settled your obligations.

That is certainly true for you to avoid any future complications.

And finally be free from hunting of those illegitimate ones.

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