This has become the most common option available for Web Hosting. With clients who buy a part of the server to share with their own customer base, a firm establishes one or several servers to be utilized for Web Hosting. So a server may be responsible for several hundred web sites at a time.

Numerous benefits abound for Shared Hosting. Since the expense of the server is offset by the numerous clients who utilize it simultaneously, this proves to be the least expensive kind of commercial Web Hosting. You only have to run your own account, never do you have to fool with the server itself, and no significant technical knowledge is necessary. When you buy into shared hosting, you’ll also be given support from the hosting company, guarantees for operational time, a contract, and more.

The one downside is the fact you’re sharing that server with others, and that means the resources of that server are also shared. Keep in mind a server, like your PC at home, has a limited amount of CPU, memory, and disk space available and if the Web Host has too many folks on the server, or it’s being used heavily by some customers, or if the server isn’t that fast to start with – And then you may have problems, as your web site seems to be very slow.

Furthermore, Shared Hosting will not permit much in the way of sophisticated, potent features which the more expensive choices offer to you, you will also discover. You must also face the possibility of heightened security risks, as your fellow server users might not be using safe web practices. The server itself will usually employ its own type of security, so this is not an issue which should be overly concerning.

Shared Hosting is the ideal solution for most sites and users. With a few exceptions, only people who want their own server and/or control over the contents of it will need anything else.

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